A sweeping survey of more than 500 leaders at companies in nearly every industry and size category by Chief Executive Group and Amazon Web Services reveals a sizable shortfall in the organizational behaviors needed to drive business growth in the digital age—as well as huge opportunities to learn and leapfrog the competition. 

The vast majority of companies surveyed are yet to transform meaningfully to true data-driven cultures: a top-down approach to decision-making persists, with product-planning still the sole purview of senior leadership.


And despite having plenty of data, most companies said it isn’t being used as effectively as they would like.

The research instead suggests they may be stuck in the analysis phase—trying to figure out the best way forward vs. making progress. Access the full report Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation to see what we learned and how your organization could benefit.

Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation
Driving Growth Through Digital Transformation
A Chief Executive Group/AWS survey of 500 C-suite executives and public company board members
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