AI and ML for Software Companies

How Software Companies innovate their software applications and advance their business with generative AI and Machine Learning on AWS

Generative AI: Innovation and Monetization

Unlock Generative AI's potential for software companies. Gain insights on optimizing business, delivering innovation, monetizing AI solutions, and driving growth, data intelligence and efficiency.

Optimising Your Business with AWS Generative AI - Executive Edition

Explore how CxOs harnesses generative AI with AWS for business optimization. This session covers the generative AI landscape and its impact on enterprise software, enhancing automation and creativity. Learn from success stories and case studies of AWS implementations.  

Delivering Innovation using Generative AI

Software companies face increasing demands to rapidly develop, deploy, and iterate on software products while controlling costs. Generative AI presents a unique opportunity to augment human capabilities and accelerate delivery of new products and features, maximising time-to-value. 

Monetizing Your Generative AI Innovation

Generative AI has initiated a broad exploration for innovative use cases. Many software companies have already successfully completed their first proof-of-concept implementations, and these have been well received by end customers. Now they seek to monetize their innovations. When calculating the business case, generative AI has many moving parts and the consumption based pricing model of the providers creates challenges.

GenAI for BI: The New Frontier of Business Intelligence

Learn how Generative BI in Amazon QuickSight can transform the way your users interact with data, and the value your software delivers to your customers. Allow business analysts to create dashboards using natural language, and enable business users to dive deep into data by simply asking questions. Create compelling stories to drive decision-making, while developers can integrate these capabilities into applications to differentiate and monetize data.

GenBI and Embedded Analytics: Monetize Your Data

Learn how to add interactive insights and differentiate your applications with Amazon QuickSight. Discover how you can embed visualizations, dashboards and ML-powered natural language query into your applications at scale, with no infrastructure to manage. Explore real-world examples of AWS customers who have successfully incorporated powerful analytics into their applications, delivering insights and self-service capabilities to thousands of users.

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