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"The H2O AI Cloud platform processes customers' critical and sensitive data. By using AWS PrivateLink, we are able to help our customers ingest data in a more secure and highly available manner. PrivateLink allows our customers to extend their AWS infrastructure into the H2O AI Cloud seamlessly without exposing their data to the public-facing internet. We are excited for our customers to opt-in for the AWS PrivateLink connections as they help us at H2O.ai drive the democratization of AI.”

Asaf Oren, Director, Cloud Development


Salesforce Heroku

"At Salesforce Heroku, making developers' lives easier is our top priority. AWS PrivateLink is a great way for developers to create secure and private connections between their Heroku apps and resources, and Amazon VPCs on AWS. These options help developers rapidly innovate with trusted business applications that span Salesforce and AWS.”

Margaret Francis, SVP of Product and GM – Heroku



"At Autodesk, we have hundreds of developer teams using their own accounts and VPCs for building products and services. AWS PrivateLink will give our developers an easy, secure, and scalable way to enable private connectivity for shared services and microservices across different accounts and VPCs. We are excited to use a solution that will deliver higher agility in product development and improved security posture at the same time."

Reeny Sondhi, Chief of Product Security – Autodesk



"This allows [our customer] to tunnel through their system in an extremely secure way as nothing goes over the Internet, but they are still able to leverage our SaaS solution. Now that same customer, who was traditionally constrained to that single on-prem solution, can leverage the full power of our solution. This is game changing for these customers who need this type of optimization but had otherwise no access to it and had to use those very inefficient traditional methods of grid search, random search, and manual tuning. And the nice thing is too that this integrates on top of any underlying framework.”

Scott Clark, Co-Founder and CEO – SigOpt

Aqua Security

Aqua Security

“We see PrivateLink as a vehicle for us to provide a much better experience for the customer as they traverse the different environments they have in AWS or on premise, and automate a lot of those things. We have customers with tens of thousands of containers compiling various applications. It’s not something that can be managed manually. PrivateLink gives them the feeling that this is all internal, and secure. And it makes things go much faster.”

Ran Nahmias, Vice President Business Development & Sales – Aqua Security



“I think this is critical. PrivateLink is the missing link between delivering on premises, and to the cloud, to SaaS services without using the Internet. Our prediction is that this will be a significant moment where going from on premises to the cloud is no longer a big jump. This should now make this whole migration much easier and the line much more gray.”

Matthew Glickman, Vice President Product Management – Snowflake

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