Airbnb on AWS

Airbnb is a community marketplace that allows property owners and travelers to connect with each other for the purpose of renting unique vacation spaces around the world. The Airbnb community users’ activities are conducted on the company’s website and through its iPhone and Android applications. San Francisco-based Airbnb began operation in 2008 and currently has hundreds of employees across the globe supporting property rentals in nearly 25,000 cities in 192 countries.


Airbnb Grows with Flexibility and Responsiveness Using AWS

A year after Airbnb launched, the company decided to migrate nearly all of its cloud computing functions to AWS because of service administration challenges experienced with its original provider. Nathan Blecharczyk, cofounder and CTO of Airbnb says, “Initially, the appeal of AWS was the ease of managing and customizing the stack. It was great to be able to ramp up more servers without having to contact anyone and without having minimum usage commitments. As our company continued to grow, so did our reliance on the AWS Cloud and now, we’ve adopted almost all of the features AWS provides. AWS is the easy answer for any Internet business that wants to scale to the next level.”

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Airbnb: Troubleshooting and Performance Testing with an Amazon RDS Replay Machine

Xinyao Hu, engineering manager at Airbnb, discusses the Amazon RDS Replay machine built by his team. The infrastructure allows the team to replay actual transactions sent to almost 100 different databases. Airbnb uses this system for disaster recovery, load testing, and advanced analytics in Hive at massive scale.

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Airbnb Scales Infrastructure Automatically Using AWS

Since 2008, Airbnb has relied on AWS to grow its community-based, travel marketplace to more than nine million guests in five years. Find out how the five-person operations team can focus on building a successful travel business because AWS allows Airbnb to scale its infrastructure automatically to host up to 150,000 guests any day or night.

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