The ongoing digitization of medicine and biology is generating vast amounts of data that has become mission-critical to care delivery, research discovery, and drug development. AWS Data Exchange makes it easier for healthcare and life sciences organizations to find, subscribe to, and use external healthcare data in the cloud.

We are working with data providers to make healthcare data from sources such as medical claims, electronic health records, lab results, medical imaging, molecular sequencing, patient reported outcomes, and social determinants of health widely available. By removing the friction of finding, procuring, and using healthcare data, we enable customers to accelerate research, innovation, and solution development.

AWS Data Exchange can help customers in healthcare and life sciences as they demystify disease, quantify wellness, and create novel therapies and interventions that improve the health of populations across the globe.  


Using third-party healthcare data to accelerate drug discovery and clinical trial protocol design.


Explore data sources for Healthcare and Life Science research and development

  • Healthcare Claims
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Laboratory Results
  • Imaging, Genomic Sequencing
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Social Determinants of Health

Customers Using AWS Data Exchange

“Pressing population health problems of today require not only modern analytic techniques, but also access to new trustworthy sources of data. Working with AWS Data Exchange enabled us to apply our advanced machine learning and comparative effectiveness techniques to contemporary sources of data our clinical researchers have not used before. These innovations have led to several novel studies and grant applications with new partners.”

Dr. Michael Pencina PhD
Vice Dean for Data Science and Information Technology
Duke University School of Medicine

AWS Data Exchange COVID-19 Research & Development

AWS Data Exchange is sourcing third-party data to help academics, researchers, and the healthcare community triage COVID-19 related issues.


Can’t find the data you need? Let us know!

AWS Data Exchange is always looking to recruit new data providers. If you'd like to access a provider that you don't see in the catalog today, please let us know and our team will contact that provider on your behalf.

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