It's easy to get started with Amazon Kinesis. This page provides a compilation of the top resources so you can launch your streaming application quickly.

Thousands of services work in concert to deliver millions of hours of video streams to Netflix customers every day. These applications vary in size, function, and technology, but they all make use of the Netflix network to communicate. Understanding the interactions between these services is a daunting challenge both because of the sheer volume of traffic and the dynamic nature of deployments. In this talk, we’ll first discuss why Netflix chose Kinesis over other data streaming solutions like Kafka to address these challenges at scale. We’ll then dive deep into how Netflix uses Kinesis Streams to enrich network traffic logs and identify usage patterns in real time. Lastly, we will cover how Netflix uses this system to build comprehensive dependency maps, increase network efficiency, and improve failure resiliency. From this talk, you’ll take away techniques and processes that you can apply to your large-scale networks and derive real-time, actionable insights.

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Data lakes enable your employees across the organization to access and analyze massive amounts of unstructured and structured data from disparate data sources, many of which generate data continuously and rapidly. Making this data available in a timely fashion for analysis requires a streaming solution that can durably and cost-effectively ingest this data into your data lake. Amazon Kinesis Firehose is a fully managed service that makes it easy to prepare and load streaming data into AWS. In this tech talk, we will provide an overview of Amazon Kinesis Firehose and dive deep into how you can use the service to collect, transform, batch, compress, and load real-time streaming data into your Amazon S3 data lakes.

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Log analytics is a common big data use case that allows you to analyze log data from websites, mobile devices, servers, sensors, and more for a wide variety of applications such as digital marketing, application monitoring, fraud detection, ad tech, gaming, and IoT. Moving your log analytics to real time can speed up your time to information allowing you to get insights in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days. In this session, you will learn how to ingest and deliver logs with no infrastructure using Amazon Kinesis Firehose. We will show how Amazon Kinesis Analytics can be used to process log data in real time to build responsive analytics. Finally, we will show how to use Amazon Elasticsearch Service to interactively query and visualize your log data.

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You can use the following sample code and tools to quickly build, test, and deploy your analytics applications with Amazon Kinesis.

  • Use our sample IoT analytics code to build your application. No need to start from scratch. Download here »
  • Test your Kinesis application using the Kinesis Data Generator. Learn more »
  • Try a hands-on tutorial to build a log analytics solution using Kinesis. Check it out »