AWS Builder Studio Melbourne

To invent, you first need to experiment

Experience what’s possible

Welcome to the AWS APJ Builder Studio, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Serving millions of customers across the globe, the AWS cloud has enabled organisations to deliver their innovation roadmaps, securely, cost-effectively and at scale. Combining this with a sustained culture of experimentation leads to the development of world leading innovation. From ideation, through to prototyping and testing, the AWS Builder Studio allows you to get hands-on with AWS technology while learning our unique methodologies to invent, honing your own culture of experimentation, and discovering the ‘Art of the Possible’ for your organisation.

Innovation through experimentation

Innovation has been a part of Amazon’s DNA since Day 1. Through our Prototyping & Customer Engineering capability, we’re helping hundreds of customers accelerate the validation of their most ambitious ideas to bring new and exciting experiences. Thousands of customers across Asia Pacific have already seen the results — including the fastest-growing startups such as KomplyAi, innovative small and medium businesses including Montoux, Provectus Algae, Tally Prime, Floodmap and largest enterprises and software companies such as PEXA, CarSales, Hyundai Retail along with leading government and education agencies. Experience Amazon’s Culture of Innovation and Working Backwards methods, designed to inspire customers to embark on their own journey of innovation resulting in new experiences like PGA Tour’s AI-powered fan experience, Traveloka’s hyperlocal food delivery system and Adidas’ IoT-enabled shoe design system.

A space to discover, collaborate and build

The AWS Builder Studio encompasses 350 square metres of showroom, collaboration space and workshop in the heart of downtown Melbourne on Collins Street. The centrepiece of the AWS Builder Studio is the Innovation Showroom where you have the opportunity to discover innovation in action with industry aligned demonstrators to spark ideas. Our Collaboration Spaces provide the ideal environment to brainstorm and ideate. The fully equipped Workshop and Onsite Hardware provide you with the resources to get hands-on to prototype, test and deliver working products.

Collaboration Spaces

Places for brainstorming, informal discussions, and team collaboration.


A hands-on area for prototyping, testing, and refining ideas.


A showroom that features prototypes and innovations to both Amazonian and our customers.

Generative AI

fuels possibility

The rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) offers a new opportunity for organisations across the Asia Pacific and Japan region to start experimenting now. AWS is making it easy, practical, and cost effective for customers to do this. At the AWS APJ Builder Studio, customers work on-site and hand in hand with the AWS team. Together we explore, ideate and articulate solutions to your most challenging generative AI opportunities. During our time together we will tailor an experience that could encompass Executive envisioning, Technical and Innovation skills uplift, Working Backwards or Engineering and architecture workshops. We also conduct rapid innovation through prototyping engagements which allows you to get hands on with AWS technology and tooling, learn about the latest in emerging generative AI technologies, all whilst being supported by AWS experts. Engaging with the Builder Studio will significantly reduce your time to value and minimise technical risk, helping your business and products to become smarter, faster and more cost effective.

Ready to get started?

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