Amazon Omics

Transform genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data into insights

Securely combine the multiomic data of individuals with their medical history to deliver more personalized care.

Use purpose-built data stores to support large-scale analysis and collaborative research across entire populations.

Accelerate research by using scalable workflows and integrated computation tools.

Protect patient privacy with HIPAA eligibility and built-in data access and logging.

How it works

Amazon Omics helps healthcare and life science organizations build at-scale to store, query, and analyze genomic, transcriptomic, and other omics data. By removing the undifferentiated heavy lifting, you can generate deeper insights from omics data to improve health and advance scientific discoveries. 


Diagram shows how to use Amazon Omics to generate insights from genome data.
Transform Genomic and Biological Data Into insights with Amazon Omics (2:10)
Why Amazon Omics?
Watch this video to learn how the power of the cloud can help you innovate faster and discover new, targeted therapies with Amazon Omics.

Use cases

Scale population sequencing

Store and analyze omics data for hundreds of thousands of patients to understand how omics variation maps to phenotypes across a population.

Simplify clinical multiomics

Build reproducible and traceable clinical multiomics workflows to reduce turnaround times and increase productivity.

Accelerate clinical trials

Integrate multiomic analysis into clinical trials to test new drug candidates’ efficacy, accelerate the trials, and yield long-term savings.

Enhance research and innovation

Use built-in access controls to streamline storage and analysis of anonymized omics data and allow researchers to share data more securely.

How to get started

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Start using Amazon Omics

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