AWS Think Big for Small Business Program

Supporting small or minority-owned AWS Partners in your cloud adoption journey

What is the AWS Think Big for Small Business Program?

Small and minority-owned businesses are key engines for diverse and inclusive economic growth globally. These include diverse businesses owned by women, aboriginals, ethnic minorities, or LGBTQ+ who are vital in building a self-reliant and independent economic role for historically disadvantaged groups.

The AWS Think Big for Small Business (TBSB) Program offers small and/or minority-owned AWS Partners unique access to business, technical, and marketing enablement support. This program provides AWS Public Sector Partners with relevant resources and connects you with AWS business and sales team to help you build and deliver innovative solutions on AWS.

Discover program benefits and how to join the program below.  

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AWS Think Big for Small Business Partner Benefits

Expedited access to AWS Partner Programs

Receive guidance to progress through your AWS Partner journey and expedited access to AWS Partner benefits and programs to help you build, market, and sell with AWS.

Receive incentives for competitive differentiation

AWS Public Sector Solution Providers and AWS Public Sector Distribution Partners receive a technical capability discount while working on an AWS Competency. This enables you to offer the most competitively priced services to customers.

Increase visibility with customers and AWS

Gain visibility with customers and AWS field teams by being showcased across AWS webpages. Access Marketing Development Funds (MDFs), in both cash and AWS credits, to accelerate sales engagements.

AWS Think Big for Small Business Partner Journey

If you haven’t already registered your company with the APN, join by creating your AWS Partner Central account at no cost.

Follow these steps to get started on your AWS Think Big for Small Business Partner journey.

  • Step 1: Meet Criteria
  • Step 2: Connect with your Partner Development Contact
  • Step 3: Apply
  • Step 4: Leverage program benefits
  • Step 1: Meet Criteria
    • Identify your business as either small (having up to 150 full time employees), or be able to demonstrate a minority-owned business status (either as a designation by your respective government entity or showing that the business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled on a daily basis by one or more (in combination) citizens from under-represented socioeconomic groups:
      • Women, ethnic minorities (such as African American, Asian American or Pacific Islander, Hispanic American, and native American in the US; aboriginals in Canada and Australia; black South Africans; or scheduled castes and tribes in India), LGBTQ+, and/or military veterans
    • Be a member of AWS Public Sector Partner Program, or have at least 2 public sector customers (government, education, healthcare, or nonprofit institution.)
    • To receive provisional access to AWS Select/Advanced Partner Tier, Partners need to meet the respective AWS Think Big for Small Business Program Requirements.
    • To be eligible for the technical capability discount, Partners need to:
  • Step 2: Connect with your Partner Development Contact
  • Reach out to your Partner Development Representative/Manager to consult on whether this is the right program and timing for you, and discuss the following questions:

    • Goals: What are the specific goals that you want to achieve? Will this program help you achieve those goals?
    • Other Program alternatives: What other programs can help you achieve those goals? Is ISV Partner Path for you? And if so, how does it help solve your problems?
    • Timing: Where are you with regards to achieving next AWS Partner tier requirements?
    • Commitment: Can you commit to achieving the remaining requirements after joining the program, and/or working towards achieving a competency?
  • Step 3: Apply
    • Upon meeting the program criteria, you can log into AWS Partner Central and apply to the AWS TBSB Program, available under Program details.
    • The AWS Public Sector team will review your application. Once you are approved to join the program, you will receive a welcome letter from AWS. You can immediately start taking advantage of the TBSB program benefits.
  • Step 4: Leverage program benefits
  • You may now leverage various AWS Partner benefits and go-to-market activities to promote your business as an AWS TBSB Partner.

    • Enjoy AWS Partner benefits available to you upon joining the program. These benefits are detailed in the Small Business Partner Guide provided to you when you join the TBSB program.
    • Continue working on your AWS Competency and AWS Partner tier requirements and plan your AWS Partner growth trajectory with your Partner Development contact.

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