AWS Foundational Technical Review

Engage with AWS Solution Architects to review your solutions and mitigate risks

What is the AWS Foundational Technical Review?

The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR), formerly known as Technical Baseline Review, enables you to identify and remediate risks in your products or solutions. The FTR requires you to meet a specific set of requirements based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework to ensure that your solutions follow AWS best practices related to security, reliability, and operational excellence.

The FTR is led by an AWS Partner Solutions Architect (PSA) in a one-on-one engagement. You can conduct an FTR at no cost. AWS Partners can prepare for an FTR by completing an AWS Well-Architected Review with the Foundational Technical Review Lens. All AWS Partners are highly encouraged to conduct an FTR to mitigate workload risks and deliver positive customer outcomes.

Successful completion of an FTR enables you to earn a "Reviewed by AWS" solutions badge, unlock funding benefits, and become eligible for various AWS Partner Programs. An FTR is valid for two years from the date of successful completion.

Discover benefits of conducting an AWS Foundational Technical Review, how to get started, and types of solutions supported.

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Benefits of Conducting an AWS Foundational Technical Review

Mitigate security, reliability, and operational risks

Mitigate security, reliability, and operational risks

The FTR provides specific guidance to adopt a subset of AWS best practices around security, reliability, and operational excellence, and reduce workload risks.

Engage directly with AWS Partner Solutions Architect

Engage directly with AWS Partner Solutions Architect

AWS Partners engage on a one-on-one basis with an AWS PSA to improve your AWS architecture. PSAs offer insight from years of experience supporting millions of customer workloads running on AWS.

Qualify for Partner Programs

Qualify for Partner Programs

Successful completion of an FTR unlocks eligibility for programs, such as the AWS Competency Program, AWS Service Ready Program, AWS ISV Accelerate Program, and many more.

Earn a ‘Reviewed by AWS’ solution badge

Earn a "Reviewed by AWS" solution badge

Receive a “Reviewed by AWS” solutions badge upon successful completion of an FTR and payment of APN fee to promote your solutions to AWS customers.

How to conduct an AWS Foundational Technical Review

All AWS Partners at any stage of your cloud adoption journey should conduct an FTR to ensure your solutions follow AWS best practices. Follow the steps below to conduct an AWS Foundational Technical Review.

  • Step 1: Join the AWS ISV Partner Path

    If you haven’t already registered your company with the AWS Partner Network (APN), join the APN by creating your APN Partner Central Account.

  • Step 2: Conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review

    The AWS Well-Architected Review enables AWS Partners to identify risks and provides recommendation on how to fix issues in your architecture leveraging the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, namely Security, Reliability, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, and Cost.

    • Complete an AWS Well-Architected Review with the Foundational Technical Review Lens. It is required that you conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review for any components you are hosting or running in your AWS account. For products that are not hosted in your AWS account, please follow step 3
    • Depending on your team size and budget, you can also conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review with an AWS Consulting-Partner, AWS Solution Architect, or leverage Well-Architected Solutions from AWS Partners
    • The Well-Architected Tool, available at no extra cost in the AWS Management Console, provides a consistent process for completing an AWS Well-Architected Review on a regular basis
    • Upon conducting an AWS Well-Architected Review, you will be provided a list of risks to remediate. Evaluate risks and prioritize issues based on your business needs. The AWS Well-Architected FTR Lens provides a prioritized list of risks required to be resolved to complete an FTR
  • Step 3: Prepare for an FTR

    Successful completion of an FTR requires AWS Partners to meet specific requirements noted below.

    • Recent completion of an AWS Well-Architected Review and routine integration of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and best practices into your software development lifecycle
    • Conducting AWS Well Architected review at least once a year
    • Signing up for AWS Support Plans specifically AWS Business Support or Enterprise Support for all AWS production accounts. AWS customers expect Partners to maintain formal support and escalation processes with AWS
    • Satisfy requirements for the various FTR solution types including hosted and managed solutions and customer-deployed solutions

    Note: AWS Production accounts are operated as part of a hosted or managed service, or accounts from which customer-facing collateral, such as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), is distributed, or accounts that contain customer data.

  • Step 4: Request an FTR

    Your Partner Alliance Lead can request an FTR through APN Partner Central.

    • Log in to your Partner Central account and click the "View My APN Account" on the left-hand side
    • In the Solutions section, find the solution for which the review will be requested and click the "Edit" button for the solution. If the solution is not listed, create a new solution listing by clicking "New" and completing all the required fields for the listing
    • At the bottom of the solution listing, select ‘Yes’ for "Are you ready to request a Foundational Technical Review?" and click "Next” to complete the process
    • AWS will send an email to the Alliance Lead with the next steps
    • In the event you do not successfully complete the FTR, you can remediate all unfulfilled FTR requirements and submit documentation demonstrating remediation to the PSA handling the review. You must complete remediation of all findings in order to qualify for specific Partner Programs
  • Step 5: Promote your solutions

    Upon successful completion of the FTR and payment of the APN fee ($2500), you will earn the “Reviewed by AWS” solution badge to showcase on marketing materials and promote your solutions to customers.

AWS Foundational Technical Review Solution Types

Hosted and Managed Solutions

Hosted and Managed Solutions

The AWS Partner owns and/or operates an AWS account that provides customer-facing services, or the AWS Partner requires access to a customer-owned AWS account. An example of a hosted or managed workload is SaaS.

FTR requirements »

Customer-deployed Solutions

Customer-deployed Solutions

The solution requires deployment of software in a customer’s AWS account. The AWS Partner provides prescriptive deployment guidance to the customer through a published user deployment guide.
Other Solutions

Other Solutions

If the solution does not belong to the first two categories, an AWS PSA will work with the AWS Partner to review and qualify the solution. Consult with your Partner Development Manager for additional information.

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