Amazon Personalize

Elevate the customer experience with ML-powered personalization

Why Amazon Personalize?

Amazon Personalize accelerates your digital transformation with ML, making it easier to integrate personalized recommendations into existing websites, applications, email marketing systems, and more.

Benefits of Amazon Personalize

Unify your data to create meaningful customer experiences across the entire user journey.
Increase revenue and brand loyalty, and stand out from competitors by catering to individual customer preferences.
Quickly implement a customized personalization engine in days—not months—with no ML expertise required.
Adapt recommendations in real time for relevant customer experiences, new users, or new catalog items.

How it works

Get started with Amazon Personalize and generative AI
You can now use Amazon Personalize and generative AI powered capabilities to quickly create hyper-personalization experiences for your users. To learn how to get started, click here >>

Diagram showing how Amazon Personalize processes your data, delivers personalized recommendations, and continually trains and optimizes the model based on evolving insights.

Use cases

For swifter deployment, automate creating and maintaining personalized recommendations for industries such as retail, media, and entertainment.

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Apply ML to run more effective prospecting campaigns by segmenting users based on preferences such as product, category, and brand.

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Unlock information trapped in product descriptions, reviews, or other unstructured text to generate more relevant recommendations.

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Customize your recommendations by promoting specific items based on business goals, while still ensuring the highest relevance possible.

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