Send specific customers on-demand messages from your mobile and web applications through the email, push notification, voice, and SMS channels.

Transactional messages are on-demand messages that you send to specific recipients, as opposed to campaigns that you send to target audience segments. For example, you can automatically send a receipt when a customer makes a purchase or deliver a one-time password immediately after a customer requests it. You can use the Amazon Pinpoint API and the AWS SDKs to send transactional messages directly from your mobile and web applications through the email, SMS, push notification, and voice channels.

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If a customer requests a password reset link to be sent to them via SMS, you must deliver on this request in real-time. With the Amazon Pinpoint API, you can quickly and seamlessly send your users the right message through the right channel in real-time. You can even integrate an AWS SDK directly into your apps and configure them to send messages automatically. These automation features are useful for eliminating the need to manually send time-sensitive messages.


Transactional messages enhance the customer experience by providing them in-the-moment information that they need based on certain interactions they have had with your brand. Delivering quality transactional messages on the right channel at the right time helps you strengthen your relationship with your customers and ensures that they have a positive experience interacting with your brand.


Reliability is key when delivering transactional messages. If a customer requests a password reset link, you have to deliver that message as quickly as possible through their preferred channel. Amazon Pinpoint maintains a strong reputation across our engagement channels, and provides you with channel-specific features that can help you protect and improve your own sender reputation.


Each of our transactional channels make it easy to reach your customers around the globe. You can send SMS messages to over 200 countries and deliver voice, email, and push messages to every country. Also, you can obtain dedicated numbers for sending SMS and voice messages in many countries and regions around the world. Visit the Amazon Pinpoint pricing page for the latest information on leasing local numbers.

Key features


For all transactional messages, you can stream response and delivery data to your own Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift accounts. Additionally, the Amazon Pinpoint console provides transactional messaging charts for transactional email and SMS messages. These charts help you measure your delivery rates and your customers’ responses to your transactional messages, such as the number of messages that were delivered, opened, clicked, or that bounced or were reported as spam. See the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide for more information on all transactional analytics.

Flexible Sending Methods

You can use multiple AWS SDKs to send transactional messages through the email, voice, SMS, and push notification channels. You can send transactional messages to any recipient, even if they are not an existing endpoint in your Amazon Pinpoint account. For example, when a new customer downloads your mobile application, you can immediately send them a registration confirmation even if they do not yet exist as an endpoint in your Amazon Pinpoint account.

Multiple Transactional Email Sending Methods

The best method to use for sending transactional email depends on your use case. Amazon Pinpoint offers several sending options so that you can choose the right fit for your business. For example, if you need to send email by using a third-party application, or if there isn't an AWS SDK available for your programming language, you can use the SMTP interface. If you want to send messages in other channels that Amazon Pinpoint supports, and you want to use consistent code for making those requests, you can use the Amazon Pinpoint API. If you need to be able to send messages to CC and BCC recipients, or use dedicated IP pools, or specify message tags in your emails, you can use the Amazon Pinpoint Email API. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide.

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