Pub/Sub enables event-driven architectures and asynchronous parallel processing, while improving performance, reliability and scalability. With Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), you can send asynchronous event notifications to a topic and all services subscribed to the topic will instantly receive the message.  

To learn more, review these resources which provide more information on the Publish Subscribe model and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), including blogs, guides, tutorials, whitepapers and videos. You can also learn more about message queues, and message queuing services on AWS.

What is Pub/Sub Messaging?

Getting started with Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) takes just three simple commands.

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API Reference
Describes all the API operations for Amazon SNS in detail. Also provides sample requests, responses, and errors for the supported web services protocols.

Amazon SNS Developer Guide
Provides a conceptual overview of the Publish Subscribe model as implemented with Amazon SNS and includes detailed development instructions for using the various features.

AWS Documentation
Find documentation for AWS Messaging services.

AWS provides multiple messaging options that you can use to create scalable, distributed systems, implement event sourcing to unlock hidden context, and utilise CQRS for efficient data access. In this session we will look at various messaging patterns, and discuss techniques and use cases for Amazon SQS, Amazon SNS, Amazon Kinesis and AWS IoT in your application.

Enterprises rely on messaging to integrate services and applications and to exchange information critical to running their business. However, managing and operating dedicated message-oriented middleware and underlying infrastructure creates costly overhead and can compromise reliability. This video presentation shows how enterprise architects and developers can improve scalability, availability, and operational efficiency by migrating on-premises messaging middleware to a managed cloud service using Amazon SQS. Capital One shares how they are using message queuing to migrate several core banking applications to the cloud to ensure high availability and cost efficiency.

Get started for free with just three simple commands.