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Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a fast, flexible, fully managed push notification service that lets you send individual messages or to fan-out messages to large numbers of recipients. Amazon SNS makes it simple and cost effective to send push notifications to mobile device users, email recipients or even send messages to other distributed services.

With Amazon SNS, you can send notifications to Apple, Google, Fire OS, and Windows devices, as well as to Android devices in China with Baidu Cloud Push. You can use SNS to send SMS messages to mobile device users worldwide.

Beyond these endpoints, Amazon SNS can also deliver messages to Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), AWS Lambda functions, or to any HTTP endpoint.

Deliver messages instantly to applications or users and eliminate polling in your apps.

Start fast with three simple APIs, and deliver an unlimited number of messages.

Use direct-addressing to send messages to individual devices or broadcast to multiple destinations at-once.

Directly access SNS using iOS, Android, Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, or .NET SDKs from AWS.

Send notifications to Apple iOS, Android and other mobile devices, and destinations like Amazon SQS queues, Lambda functions, email addresses, SMS, and HTTP endpoints.

Use SNS as a message bus to send messages, alarms, and notifications from your AWS services such as Amazon RDS, CloudWatch, and S3 to other AWS services such as SQS and Lambda.

Get delivery status information via Amazon CloudWatch on success rates, failure rates, and dwell times for mobile push messages as well as deliveries to SMS, SQS, HTTP, and Lambda destinations.

You pay only for what you use with SNS. $0.50 per million publishes, and $0.50 per million mobile push deliveries plus associated data transfer. Learn more about pricing.

Amazon SNS is a fast, flexible, fully managed messaging service. Use it as a cloud-based mobile app notification service to send push notifications, SMS, or email messages; or as an enterprise-messaging infrastructure. 

  • Mobile App & User Notification Service


    Send updates, promos, or news to individual users, a segment of users or all of your users with a single push notification using Direct Messaging or SNS Topics.


    Broadcast messages to many devices with a single Publish request.


    Push notifications to Apple, Google, Fire OS, and Windows devices and to Android devices in China with Baidu Cloud Push. You can also send push notifications to MacOS desktops and Voice over IP (VoIP) apps on iOS devices. Send SMS messages to 200+ countries or emails via SNS.


    Turn insights from Amazon Mobile Analytics into custom push notifications or use Amazon Cognito to associate device tokens with user identities.

  • Cloud-Based Enterprise Pub-Sub Messaging


    Use pub-sub messaging semantics such as Topics, Publish, and Subscribe to send messages between your de-coupled cloud-based apps.


    Get started with 3 API calls and avoid building or hosting a complex messaging fabric and costly license or maintenance fees. 


    Send individual messages to destinations or fan-out messages to large groups using Topics.


    Use SNS to deliver messages from AWS services such as CloudWatch, S3, Lambda, Glacier, CloudTrail, and SES to other AWS services such as SQS, Lambda, or HTTP endpoints.


    Use AWS Lambda to selectively route messages to a subset of destinations or manipulate message content before delivery.


    With SNS Topics your effective cost of sending identical messages to multiple recipients is lower than sending individual messages to each recipient. 

Your first 1 million push requests are free

Your first 1 million Amazon SNS requests per month are free, then it costs $0.50 per 1 million Amazon SNS requests thereafter.

It costs $1.00 to send one million mobile push notifications. With the SNS free tier, your first million push notifications (publishes and deliveries) are free every month.

Click here for more information about push notifications pricing. You can find worldwide SMS pricing here.

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