Securely and centrally share your AWS resources with accounts

Share unlimited AWS resources

Reduce resource duplication and improve operational overhead.

Improve security and access control across shared resources.

Gain broader insights on shared resources within accounts.  

How it works

AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) helps you securely share your resources across AWS accounts, within your organization or organizational units (OUs), and with IAM roles and users for supported resource types.

Diagram showing how AWS RAM makes resources shareable based on specified access permissions.
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Use cases

Manage resources centrally

Simplify the resource management experience in multi-account environments by creating resources and sharing them with other AWS accounts.

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Improve resource utilization and costs

View usage and cost details on resources used within accounts.

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Maintain security and compliance support

Provide least-privilege access to resources, support compliance standards, and improve security posture on AWS resources.

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How to get started

Get started with resource sharing

Take advantage of shared resources within your organization.

Dive deeper into AWS RAM

Watch a short demo on resource sharing with AWS RAM.

Explore AWS RAM managed permissions

Discover the available types of AWS RAM managed permissions.

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