For each source server that you want to migrate, you can use AWS Application Migration Service for a free period of 2,160 hours, which is 90 days when used continuously. Most customers complete server migration within the allotted free period, thereby benefitting from free use of AWS Application Migration Service for each server that they migrate.

The free period starts as soon as you install the AWS Replication Agent on your source server and continues during active source server replication. 

If you do not complete your migration of a specific server within the free period, you will be charged per hour while you continue replicating that server. 

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Additional charges

While your source servers are actively replicating, including during the free period, you will incur charges for any AWS infrastructure that is provisioned by AWS Application Migration Service to facilitate data replication. You will also incur charges for resources that are provisioned when you launch test or cutover instances, such as compute (Amazon EC2) and storage (Amazon EBS) resources, according to your AWS pricing plan.

Pricing details

AWS Application Migration Service pricing is the same for all supported AWS Regions.

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