With Amazon Personalize, you pay only for what you use, and there are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments. You are charged based on the amount of data processed and stored, the compute hours used to train your models, and the number of recommendations performed. Note: Customers are not charged for service usage while the service is in Preview.

Pricing at a glance

Data ingestion

You are charged per GB of data uploaded to Amazon Personalize. This includes real-time data streamed to Amazon Personalize and batch data uploaded via Amazon S3.

You are charged for the training hours consumed to train a custom model with your data. Note: A training hour represents 1 hour of compute capacity using 4v CPUs and 8 GiB memory. Amazon Personalize automatically chooses the most efficient instance types to train your data, which may be an instance that exceeds the baseline specifications in order to complete your job more quickly. Therefore, the number of training hours billed may be greater than the number of elapsed hours.

You are charged for the personalization requests processed by Amazon Personalize. The service supports real-time recommendations, which is measured in transactions per second (TPS). Developers need to specify the minimum and maximum limits of the throughout, with Amazon Personalize guaranteeing low latency response for requests up to the provisioned throughput. When serving real-time recommendations, you are charged for throughput capacity per hour in units of TPS-hour (rounded up to the nearest hour).

Free Trial

Get started with AWS Personalize for free today. For the first two months after sign-up, you are offered:

Data Processing & Storage

Up to 20GB per month


Up to 100 training hours per month


Up to 50 TPS-hours of real-time recommendations/month






Pricing details


Data Ingestion

$0.05 per GB


$0.24 per training hour



First 20K TPS-hour $0.20 per TPS-hour for real-time recommendations
Next 180K TPS-hour $0.10 per TPS-hour for real-time recommendations

Over 200K TPS-hour

$0.05 per TPS-hour for real-time recommendations

Pricing example

Real-time recommendations for a media company

A media company powers content discovery and recommendation through real-time profiling of their user’s preferences and consumption behavior. They upload 200 GB of data in the month, and train a single recommender once per day with each training taking 20 mins to complete and consuming 10 training hours/training. Further the customer uses inference capacity of 10 TPS for 720 hours for the month for generating real-time recommendations.

The bill for the month for using Amazon Personalize will be:

Data processing and storage charge = 200 GB x $0.05 per GB = $10

Training charge = 300 training hours x $0.24 per training hour = $72

Inference charge (real-time) = 10x 720 x $0.20/ TPS-hour = $1440

Total cost = $10 + $72 + $1440 = $1552

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