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Drive personalized CX using generative AI and Amazon Personalize

Watch this session from re:Invent 2023 to hear from powerhouse AWS media customer FOX and learn how hyper-personalized experiences can be used to build engagement and drive revenue. Amazon Personalize delivers capabilities powered by ML and generative AI to help brands create meaningful experiences.

Equinox increases content engagement using Amazon Personalize

Hear from Equinox on how they customized their member experience in the Equinox+ app by recommending relevant, contextualized, on-demand classes that adapt to changes in each member's content consumption behavior over time. Using Amazon Personalize, a fully managed machine learning recommendation solution, Equinox saw a 92% increase in content engagement among their members.

Bundesliga Leverages Amazon Personalize to Enhance the Fan Experience

Bundesliga, Germany’s premier football league, leverages Amazon Personalize to create an individualized, regionalized and personalized experience for their fans resulting in 17% longer sessions, higher watch count of their videos, and higher retention.

Discovery is Enhancing the Customer Experience with Amazon Personalize

The Discovery+ streaming platform launched in early 2021 giving customers access to over 50 thousand episodes of shows from their various TV brands like HGTV, Food Network, TLC, and more. To help its customers cure choice paralysis the company turned to Amazon Personalize to enable tailored content suggestions for Discovery+ streaming platform users.

Elevate your marketing solutions with Amazon Personalize and generative AI
by Ba'Carri Johnson, Anna Grüebler, Jingwen Hu, Ragini Prasad, and Tim Wu Kunpeng on 27 OCT 2023
Build brand loyalty by recommending actions to your users with Amazon Personalize Next Best Action
by Shreeya Sharma, Aniket Deshmukh, and Pranesh Anubhav on 26 NOV 2023

Additional blogs

Learn more from the following blogs that describe how to use Amazon Personalize for key use cases and how to take advantage of important features. 

There are no Amazon Personalize blogs available at this time, please visit AWS blogs to view all blog content.


Magic Movie Machine

In this short, interactive game, you are looking for movie recommendations that match your personal interests. See first hand how Amazon Personalize learns what you like and then tunes your recommendations in real-time. Demo now. 

Target Customers Intelligently with User Segmentation

In this demo, see how to accelerate time-to-market using pre-built recommenders for common business use cases. Simply select the recommenders for your use case(s) and Personalize does the heavy lifting of using ML to generate recommendations that you access through an easy-to-use API. Demo now

Real-time Personalization and Recommendations for Video-on-Demand Libraries Demo

In this demo, see how to use Amazon Personalize to create content recommendations tailored to individual consumers. What you generate can be derived from user actions, including recommendations and viewing activity. Demo now.

Perform A/B Testing with Amazon Personalize and Amazon CloudWatch Evidently

In this demo, you’ll see how to perform A/B testing with Amazon Personalize and Amazon CloudWatch Evidently. With this capability, you can orchestrate A/B tests to compare different recommendation engine solutions and make informed design decisions. Watch now.

See How to Use Amazon Personalize Recommenders for Common Business Use Cases
Watch Demo

In this demo, you’ll see how to accelerate time-to-market using pre-built recommenders for common business use cases. You simply select the recommenders for your use case(s) and Personalize does the heavy lifting of using Machine Learning to generate recommendations that you access through an easy-to-use API. Demo now. 

Unlock the full potential of personalization with machine learning
Watch Demo

In this webinar, we illustrate the value of integrating real-time personalization into your existing websites, apps, and marketing communications using Amazon Personalize. We’ll also share how customers in Retail and Media & Entertainment have elevated key business metrics like user engagement, click-through-rates, and products purchased using personalization. Lastly, we will walk you through getting started with Amazon Personalize using code samples and a fun, interactive movie recommendation demo.


Create real-time, personalized movie recommendations with Amazon Personalize. Learn More »


Developer guide

Provides a conceptual overview of Amazon Personalize, includes detailed instructions for using the various features, and provides a complete API reference for developers. 


Code Samples

AWS Solutions: Maintaining Personalized Experiences with Machine Learning

This solution streamlines and accelerates the development and deployment of your personalization workloads through end-to-end automation and scheduling of updates for resources within the Amazon Personalize service. It provides ready-to-deploy solutions assembling AWS Services, code, and configurations. Learn more

Deep Dive Series

This Amazon Personalize Deep Dive series will walk you through the various ways in which you can understand your Amazon Personalize data and use the service to bring value to your customers. 

Episode 1: Introduction to Amazon Personalize
Episode 4: Getting Amazon Personalize Recommendations in Front of your Users
Episode 2: Understanding your Data with Amazon Personalize
Episode 5: Get your Amazon Personalize POC to Production
Episode 3: Solving Real World Use Cases with Amazon Personalize

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