Salesforce CDP Unifies Consumer Data at Exabyte Scale on AWS


As a leading customer relationship management company, Salesforce brings customer data together in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to provide marketers with a detailed view of their consumers. Salesforce builds on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to process exabytes of data, resolve known and anonymized customer identifiers into highly accurate user profiles, and deliver audience segments across activation channels.

Muralidhar Krishnaprasad, senior vice president of engineering at Salesforce, spoke at re:Invent 2020 about how Salesforce leverages AWS. For example, Salesforce uses AWS to spin up in new regions in weeks, instead of months or years. With various types of compute resources available such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, Salesforce can leverage the right service it needs to scale efficiently and save on costs.  

In addition, Salesforce can rely on the support of AWS teams to help optimize its workloads. “AWS is a very customer-centric company, so we have really enjoyed the support that all of the people at AWS have given us as we use all of these services both for troubleshooting as well as to be able to work with them to be building new features as well,” says Krishnaprasad.

Watch the full Salesforce re:Invent 2020 presentation, “How Salesforce CDP unifies consumer data at exabyte scale," to learn how one of the largest software companies in the world thinks about systems architecture, network topology, security, and elastic computing in order to achieve performance, cost efficiency, and reliable performance for its data platforms.

Salesforce CDP Unifies Consumer Data at Exabyte Scale on AWS (1:35)

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