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Optimizing Costs and Promoting Innovation Using Amazon CloudWatch with Wix

Learn how software company Wix is taking an innovative approach to financial engineering using Amazon CloudWatch.

50%+ reduction

in Amazon DynamoDB costs

Improved performance

with minimal cost increase

Fostered a culture

of cost awareness and efficiency


near real-time visibility into cost metrics


Optimizing costs while scaling growth is a common challenge across different organizations. Wix—a software company that provides web development services to over 260 million users in 190 countries—wanted to keep costs down as workloads and resources grew alongside customer demand.

In the course of migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2017, Wix implemented a new approach to financial engineering, changing the way that its teams manage and optimize costs. Central to this strategy is Amazon CloudWatch, a service that monitors applications, responds to performance changes, optimizes resource use, and provides insights into operational health. Wix’s shift of strategy not only streamlined its financial operations but also fostered a culture of cost awareness and efficiency among its teams.

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Opportunity | Using Amazon CloudWatch to Optimize Costs for Wix

Founded in 2006, Wix provides cloud-based web development services with tools that make it simple for users to create and customize websites—no coding skills required. As the company grew, its operational footprint became larger, and it struggled to optimize costs while scaling. As the complexity of Wix’s finances increased, it became more important for the company to have visibility and control over its expenditures. These challenges were amplified when Wix migrated to the cloud.

“In 2017, we were about to migrate to AWS from an on-premises data center,” says Dvir Mizrahi, head of financial engineering at Wix. “One of the challenges that we identified before migrating to the cloud was the aspect of financial monitoring, as procurement will move from procurement specialists to engineers. In a click of a button, engineers could impact our bottom line, our budget, and the way that we forecast our usage.”

Recognizing the importance of cost optimization, the AWS and the Wix teams began to explore ways to implement a comprehensive financial monitoring and observability solution. Together, the two teams identified Amazon CloudWatch as the optimal service for revolutionizing Wix’s approach to financial engineering.

“Everyone asked, ‘How can we get cost metrics in near real time?’ Well, you can generate it using Amazon CloudWatch,” says Mizrahi. “You can create an amazing calculator based on your activities, actions, and scaling. You can calculate and monitor in near real time and gain insights on how your environment changes—not once every 8 hours, but once every minute.”


Our Amazon CloudWatch solution is completely integrated with our operations and multiple monitoring tools.”

Dvir Mizrahi
Head of Financial Engineering, Wix

Solution | Reducing the Cost of Amazon DynamoDB by over 50%

Wix’s Amazon CloudWatch solution provides detailed insights into application performance, system-wide efficiency, and resource usage. Initially, the company used Amazon CloudWatch to help rightsize resources, pinpoint inefficiencies, and identify areas for cost optimization within Amazon DynamoDB, a serverless, NoSQL, fully managed database. By analyzing Amazon CloudWatch metrics for Amazon DynamoDB’s provisioned input/output operations per second and adjusting them to align with actual usage, Wix effectively matched its resource allocation with its needs, optimizing cost efficiency. As a result, the company reduced its Amazon DynamoDB costs by over 50 percent—and chose to implement Amazon CloudWatch across its entire technology stack.

By analyzing data from Amazon CloudWatch, Wix can understand usage patterns, anticipate resource needs, and make data-driven decisions. Its engineering teams can track and analyze various metrics and logs, from CPU usage to network traffic patterns. This approach not only aids in identifying underused resources but also helps in optimizing them for improved performance and cost efficiency. By continually monitoring these aspects, Wix can meet its current customer demands efficiently and scale and adapt its infrastructure in anticipation of future needs.

“Our Amazon CloudWatch solution is completely integrated with our operations and multiple monitoring tools,” says Mizrahi. “I receive daily emails with status updates. It sends me a Slack notification if there is any anomaly detected. That way, we can allocate different incidents to different teams on almost a daily basis. We also get alerts if there are any big changes in our environment, such as if someone provisions a huge instance.”

At the core of Wix’s financial engineering strategy is a suite of automated processes designed to generate financial value, enhance visibility, and optimize resource usage. Its engineers have access to a waste dashboard, updated daily from Amazon CloudWatch metrics, that provides a granular view of resource usage across all workloads. Using the waste dashboard, engineers can identify inefficiencies and make changes to optimize system performance and reduce operational costs.

By offering these insights, Wix has facilitated a culture of continual improvement within its engineering organization. Engineers can make informed decisions on a day-to-day basis to guide their projects and optimize resources. And with centralized access to Amazon CloudWatch metrics, teams can collaborate daily to streamline workflows and strategically allocate resources for maximum impact.

“We share a monthly report with our largest teams to make sure that they know their costs, their waste, and their plan for cost optimization,” says Mizrahi. “On top of that, we send a monthly email with cost trends to create visibility for upper management and celebrate the teams who initiated cost-reduction agendas.”

Outcome | Empowering Team Leaders to Turn Insights into Action

Now that Wix has unlocked cost efficiencies using its Amazon CloudWatch solution, it has shifted its focus toward its Value and Impact Center of Excellence (VICoE). VICoE measures the value of the company’s workloads; instead of focusing on how much each workload costs, Wix will track how much the workload impacts its business. “My most expensive workload can be efficient, but my third most expensive might not be,” says Mizrahi. “We’re not focusing on the cost but rather the impact and value to make sure it’s efficient and generating business.”

With Amazon CloudWatch, Wix has redefined its approach to financial engineering. Its core system runs automated processes to generate financial value, visibility, and usage, transforming data into actionable intelligence. By taking advantage of Amazon CloudWatch metrics, the company has enhanced its ability to understand and track pricing models and identify areas of waste and underuse.

As Wix continues to evolve its financial engineering approach, AWS will continue to play an important role in its journey. “The collaboration with the AWS team is truly remarkable,” says Mizrahi. “When we talk about how to approach our way of engineering, there is a true support system on the other side. Our AWS technical account manager can speak our language and help us carry out our agendas.”

About Wix

Founded in 2006, Wix provides cloud-based web development services with tools that make it simple for users to create websites and customize them with no coding skills needed. The company supports over 260 million users in 190 countries.

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