TickSmith GOLD

Centralized, strategic financial data management and distribution

Technical solution validated by AWS

TickSmith GOLD can be rapidly deployed on AWS

TickSmith specializes in big data management technology and has built a next-generation data lake platform, GOLD, to solve the business challenges faced by capital markets firms. The platform solves many different use cases, including data centralization, global distribution, market surveillance, risk management, and advanced analytics.

Built on open standards, GOLD simplifies the process of building and configuring solutions for the many different use cases, data formats, and technologies employed by users and partners. GOLD can be easily deployed on AWS, making it ideal for processing and analyzing large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.

TickSmith Corp. is an APN Advanced Technology Partner and has achieved the AWS Financial Services Competency. Competency Partners have industry expertise, solutions that align with AWS architectural best practices, and staff with AWS certifications.

Solution highlights

TickSmith delivers data distribution, risk management, market performance compliance/TCA reporting, and Fundamental Review of the Trading Book modeling capabilities. Supporting customer and managed partner-led implementations, the GOLD big data solution integrates with a variety of native AWS services, helping accelerate the ramp-up of new users and additional data sets

  • Abstract data engineering
  • Secure and manageable workflow
  • Easy-to-use visualizations and APIs
  • Self-serve data management system
  • Cost-effective Amazon Simple Storage Service storage
  • Decoupling of compute and storage
  • Capacity driven by architecture
  • Auto-scale in/out during peak usage
TickSmith Overview

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