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Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the Networking tools and resources that enable you to securely connect to the cloud and then isolate, control, and distribute your applications across EC2 compute resources and all other relevant services in AWS. Networking Solutions available from AWS Partner Network (APN) partners can help you establish your secure, scalable, cost-effective cloud presence more rapidly. Whether you are planning to migrate to AWS or are looking to expand your established network capabilities on the cloud, there are readily available tools and resources at your disposal to accelerate the realization of your goals.

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Integrated Network Solutions


As enterprise workloads and migrations get more and more complex, the need for the underlying network to be able to handle these applications in a fault tolerant and high-performance manner is paramount to the success of AWS networking. Integrated Network Solutions available from the AWS Partner Network (APN) enhance the network to provide the performance needed to advance your AWS journey. These are typically joint solutions from multiple APN partners or an APN partner integrating directly with the AWS services platform.

Get secure, performant, and reliable connectivity between on-premises data centers/ branch offices and AWS.
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Maintain high-availability and performance of your AWS workloads.
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Rapidly deploy applications while remaining secure and available.
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Managed Network Solutions


If infrastructure design and connectivity deployment is not your strength, then you can leverage a Managed Network Solutions partner and keep your focus on building your cloud applications. Managed Network Solutions available from the AWS Partner Network (APN) allows the choice to outsource both AWS native and hybrid cloud networking services on AWS. These services often include the hybrid network architecture and public/private connectivity leveraging solutions such as: SD-WAN, VPN, Transit VPC, Direct Connect, and IPSec/SSL encryption. For migrations, you can also select to outsource a managed landing zone solution on AWS.

Verizon Virtual Network Services and Cisco SD-WAN on AWS

Connect your enterprise branch users to AWS workloads.
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X Privacy from X by Orange on AWS

Easily design and manage virtual private networks (VPNs) on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
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Hybrid Network Solutions


Deploy a hybrid network solution from the AWS Partner Network (APN) to define your AWS cloud architecture. These solutions connect your on-premises and AWS cloud resources through a common network to establish one environment. You can then extend your on-premises network configuration and business applications so that AWS resources and services operate as part of your existing, on-premises network environment. As an example, Use Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to gain control over your virtual networking environment, and AWS Direct Connect to establish a dedicated private network connection between the two environments.

VMware NSX on AWS

Implement consistent networking and security for apps running natively on AWS.
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Networking Competency Technology Partners work with APN Consulting Partners to offer consulting services to help you quickly discover value from networking solutions on AWS. Follow these links to find more about these APN Partners and their consulting offers, and to request more information or support.

Vandis consulting offer for F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition for intelligence traffic management on AWS

Vandis’ DevOps teams help you establish role-based access control, create application and device templates for easy scalability, and automation for your existing third-party configuration management tools on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Keep Reading »

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