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Specialized solutions for making connectivity easier and extending customer capabilities on AWS

Networking connects all elements to the cloud, offering benefits such as scalability, security, global footprint, and cost-effectiveness. AWS Networking Competency Partners are Advanced APN Partners that provide cloud-based and network connectivity solutions to assist customers to adopt, develop, and deploy workloads on AWS. These partners also offer a set of specialized solutions that auto-scale, are aligned with cloud design principles, and make it easier to use networking features in native or hybrid cloud environments.

The AWS Partner Competency Program has vetted, validated, and verified the APN Partners below to support you in multiple areas including: Consulting Services, Direct Connect Infrastructure Partners, Direct Connect Integrated Partners, Load Balancers, Networking Connectivity, and Network Management.

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AWS Partner Networking Competency

AWS Networking Competency Categories

Consulting Services

Consulting Partners help expedite customers’ cloud adoption journey by providing a wide range of resources in the form of professional services and managed services. These partners provide ongoing support of AWS Direct Connect connectivity or AWS workloads to help accelerate their cloud transformation.

Direct Connect Infrastructure Partners

Direct Connect Infrastructure Partners provide Direct Connect connectivity to customers, including Network Connectivity and infrastructure services such as last-mile fiber or Direct Connect interconnections.

Direct Connect Integrated Partners

Direct Connect Integrated Partners promote greater integration and interaction with AWS Services, including hosted connections, port-based connectivity, and software-defined networking functions to automate end-user services.

Load Balancers

Technology that distributes Network and Application traffic across multiple IP based devices for a service, maintains health status of target services, and supports security services such as SSL/TLS.

Network Connectivity

Technology that provides network connectivity to AWS, is capable of acting as a router that intelligently forwards packets, manages availability between different network paths, and provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD WAN) services.

Network Management

Technology that provides network health information, network visualization, and capability to alert and notify on network issues.

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