AWS App Runner customers

Learn how developers at leading organizations worldwide are using AWS App Runner to quickly deploy web applications and APIs, at scale, with no prior infrastructure experience.
  • Classmethod

    Classmethod is an IT technology consulting firm specializing in system design and development services for Software as a Service (SaaS), mobile, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and voice recognition applications. Since it was founded in 2004, Classmethod supports over 2,600 companies from startups to enterprises in a range of industries. It provides continuous business support based on its customers’ business needs.

    One of Classmethod’s customers, from the gaming industry, has multiple backend services such as user management, orders, and payments built on a microservices-based architecture. Typically, the relevant data is stored in each of these services and building frontend applications often requires invoking multiple microservices and aggregating the data, which can be a cumbersome process.

    To solve this problem, we implemented the Backend For Frontend application pattern through APIs to act as a simple interface between the frontend and backend microservices using App Runner. Our main requirement is getting solutions to our clients quickly, and AWS App Runner fits the bill seamlessly. App Runner is simple to configure and quick to deploy with no prior infrastructure experience required, providing us with a foundation to complete our proof of concept quickly. As a developer, I am delighted and looking forward to derive business value by designing and deploying more web applications using App Runner in production soon.

    Seiichi Arai, software engineering, Classmethod
  • Hubble

    Headquartered in Japan, Hubble specializes in version management of legal documentation from negotiation to contract creation using Microsoft Word, with a focus on simplicity, flexibility, and productivity. Many companies, especially lawyers and legal departments, conventionally use Microsoft Word and struggle to adopt new technologies like online cloud editors. Hubble provides those customers with a cloud-based version management system in which they can leverage their existing skillsets to seamlessly create, manage, and collaborate through a unified interface.

    Legal Tech is relatively new compared to other cross-tech industries like fintech or HR tech in Japan, but customers are already demanding features like AI-powered review, clause and contract detail extractions, and integration with other collaboration and productivity applications. Improving the speed to implement these capabilities is one of the biggest challenges in the industry.

    Our goals revolve around faster time to market and improved developer productivity as we develop and release the features most wanted by our customers. AWS App Runner played an important role for our teams to build and deploy microservice-based applications easily and quickly without having to worry about infrastructure. AWS App Runner helped our development teams focus on the application code and increase their productivity.

    Katsuya Fujii, CTO of Hubble
  • Velo

    Founded in 2006, Wix is a software company that provides cloud-based web development services. As a world-class platform to over 210 million users worldwide across 190 countries, it provides a development platform for building fully personalized, high-quality websites. Wix offers a wide range of solutions, so any creator can build a professional web presence.

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    Velo by Wix is a full-stack development solution that empowers you to rapidly build, manage, and deploy professional web apps. Customers have different requirements for their data management and have organizational or state regulations that need to be handled in terms of the location of the data, or the need for a specific database product. Wix data handling provides a strong foundation, but does not currently support certain types of backends. When it comes to external data and integrations, developers should have to handle as little as possible from a DevOps and maintenance perspective on an ongoing basis.

    AWS App Runner enables Wix users to make powerful and flexible integrations between their Wix site and their Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform via Velo by Wix. Users can augment their Wix site with any AWS service such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) options with a simplified process for loading any connector to the AWS platform via App Runner. The benefit for Wix users is simplified creation, seamless scale, and no infrastructure to manage data.

    Jacob Kimchi, head of product, Velo by Wix