AWS App Runner features

Automatic Deployments

When you connect App Runner to your code repository or container image registry, App Runner can automatically build and deploy your application when you update your source code or container image.

Load Balancing

App Runner automatically load balances traffic to provide high levels of reliability and availability for your applications.

Auto Scaling

Enabled by default, App Runner automatically scales the number of containers up or down to meet the needs of your application.  

Logs and Metrics

App Runner makes it easy to monitor and optimize your containerized applications by providing detailed build, deployment, and runtime logs. You also get a full set of compute metrics with built-in Amazon CloudWatch integration.

Certificate Management

App Runner includes fully managed TLS with no setup needed. App Runner automatically renews the certificates before their expiration date.

Cost Management

Easily pause and resume your App Runner applications using the console, CLI, or API. You’re only billed when the service is running.


App Runner gives you flexibility to configure how your service communicates with other applications, services, and resources to provide you the security level and networking compliance you need. App Runner services can communicate with other AWS services running in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You can also configure App Runner services to be accessible only inside an Amazon VPC.

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