Posted On: Aug 31, 2015

You can now automatically launch Amazon EC2 Spot instances that have the lowest price per unit of capacity using the RequestSpotFleet API. You can define and set target capacity in any unit including instances, vCPUs, memory, storage, or network throughput. Since applications typically perform differently on different instance types, you can specify how much each instance type is worth, which automatically adjusts your bid price for each instance type. This enables you to bid on multiple instance types in a single request and provision cost-effective capacity available on any instance type.

Previously, you could specify only a single bid price for all instance types and set target capacity only in terms of number of instances.

The updated RequestSpotFleet API is available in all regions where Spot instances are supported. To get started, request a Spot fleet using the AWS SDKs or Command-Line Tools.

To learn more, read our blog post and see examples of Spot fleet requests in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.