Posted On: Dec 8, 2015

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of batch export to Amazon S3 for Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

With CloudWatch Logs, you can aggregate, monitor and archive your system and application logs in near real-time. With today's announcement, you can now export batches of your archived log data to an S3 bucket that you choose. Once a batch of log data has been delivered to S3, you can use this data in custom processing and analysis, or to load into other systems. Batch export is included in the price of the Amazon CloudWatch Logs service; standard S3 storage pricing applies to any log data that you store in S3.

To get started, visit the Amazon CloudWatch Logs console, select the log group to export and choose “Export data to Amazon S3” in the Actions menu or see the Amazon CloudWatch Batch Export Developer Guide. For information on how to get started with Amazon CloudWatch Logs, see Getting Started with CloudWatch Logs. To learn more about pricing, see the Amazon CloudWatch pricing and Amazon S3 pricing pages.