Posted On: Jun 5, 2017

Amazon WorkDocs has added a set of APIs to the WorkDocs Administrative SDK. These new APIs allow you to programmatically access and update metadata, tags, and collaborative comments. With these APIs, you can integrate WorkDocs into your applications, use compliance tools such as data loss prevention with WorkDocs, and easily migrate content into WorkDocs.

There are three new APIs. The metadata API gives you the ability to access and update important file and folder attributes such as who the author is, when the file was created, and when it was lass scanned for viruses. The labelling API allows you to tag files and folders so that you can better organize them, and to use tags when searching for files programmatically. The commenting API provides programmatic access to comments for a document. With these APIs, you can better store and organize content across your organization, you can integrate WorkDocs into your workflow applications, and your compliance tools can access the information that they need. When you’re migrating content to WorkDocs, you can preserve metadata and comments to minimize the impact to your users.

The WorkDocs Administrative SDK is available for Java, Python, Go, Java Script, .NET, PHP, and Ruby, and it’s integrated with AWS Identity and Access Management to allow you to manage roles and permissions. You can also use AWS Simple Notification Service for notifications, and AWS Cloud Trail to monitor API calls.

The WorkDocs Administrative SDK is available today in all AWS Regions where WorkDocs is available. To learn more about the WorkDocs Administrative SDK, please see Administrative SDK.

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