Posted On: Apr 9, 2018

You can now share mailboxes among your team members. All users that have been granted access to a shared mailbox can send and receive emails using this mailbox without the need to manually share access credentials. Shared mailboxes make it easy to use email addresses that need to be monitored and used by multiple people. For example, a company could create a single email address for sales inquiries (such as, and provide access to all sales people so that they can respond.

To create a shared mailbox, create a mailbox in the Amazon WorkMail management console and select the Permissions tab. Then, add users and groups, and select whether they have Full Access, Send As, or Send on Behalf permissions for the mailbox. Full Access allows a user or group to access the entire mailbox, and create folders that only certain users can access. Send As allows users to send emails using the mailbox's email alias, and Send on Behalf allows users to send emails using the mailbox’s email alias but still be identified as the actual sender. Visit our documentation for more information. 

Mailbox sharing is available today in all AWS Regions where Amazon WorkMail is available. To learn more about Amazon WorkMail, or to start your trial, please visit Amazon WorkMail.