Posted On: May 31, 2018

Starting today, Amazon QuickSight will offer pay-per-session pricing, a first among business analytics services. With pay-per-session pricing, you can enable everyone in the organization with interactive, data driven dashboards and pay only when users access these dashboards. This makes Amazon QuickSight an even more cost-effective way for you to make personalized business analytics available to everyone, whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of users. Pay-per-session pricing starts at $0.30 per session, up to a maximum of $5 per user, per month, and is available in Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition in all supported AWS regions. With pay-per-session pricing there are no upfront costs, no annual commitments, and no charges for inactive users.

With general availability of Private VPC Connectivity, you will be able to securely connect QuickSight to data sources within Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) as well as on-premises, without deploying any agent or gateway, and without data traversing the public internet.

Other features launched today enable enhanced interactivity in dashboards, through parameters with on-screen controls, and URL actions to link QuickSight dashboards to third party applications or internal websites. QuickSight’s data management and administration capabilities have also been enhanced, with increased SPICE data set limits of 25GB, hourly refresh for SPICE data, co-owner permissions for dashboards, option to share dashboards with all users, and an easy, one-click account upgrade option from Amazon QuickSight Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition. QuickSight is also now available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region.

Interactive dashboard access with Pay-per-Session pricing, Private VPC access and hourly refresh for SPICE datasets are available in Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition in all supported regions. Parameters with on-screen controls, URL actions, 25GB SPICE datasets, co-owner permissions for dashboards and option to share dashboards with all users are available in both Standard and Enterprise Editions in all QuickSight regions. For more information, please read Jeff Barr's blog post on this topic.