Posted On: May 16, 2018

Starting now, AWS IoT 1-Click is available for all customers. AWS IoT 1-Click is a new AWS IoT service that enables simple devices to trigger AWS Lambda functions, for executing an action. Supported devices on AWS IoT 1-Click are ready to securely connect to the cloud right out of the box, without additional device configuration. This makes it easy for cloud developers to deploy these devices into their applications right away without writing custom firmware or writing device-level code.

With AWS IoT 1-Click, you simply select your devices, group them as per your requirements, associate AWS Lambda functions as actions and deploy them into your workflows. To make it easier, AWS IoT 1-Click comes with pre-built Lambda functions for actions such as sending email and text messages. Alternatively, you can choose a Lambda function in your AWS account and associate devices to that function. Understanding status and usage of devices is easy with AWS IoT 1-Click, using pre-built reports that come with the service or building custom reports using data from Amazon CloudWatch metrics.

AWS IoT 1-Click is now available in the US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (London) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) regions. Get started with AWS IoT 1-Click today. Visit the AWS IoT 1-Click Website to learn more.