Posted On: May 2, 2018

AWS Service Catalog, used by enterprises, system integrators, and managed service providers to organize, govern, and provision cloud resources on AWS, is announcing the AWS Service Catalog Connector for ServiceNow. The connector allows you to use your existing AWS Service Catalog configuration, including curated products, portfolios, constraints, and tagging, and expose this to your ServiceNow administrators and users.

ServiceNow administrators can view AWS Service Catalog portfolios and products, align them to organizational structures such as teams, grant access to ServiceNow users, and connect ServiceNow workflows to provisioning requests. ServiceNow users can browse and request provisioning of AWS Service Catalog products, which can include AWS Marketplace software products that have been copied to AWS Service Catalog. This simplifies AWS product provisioning for ServiceNow users and provides ServiceNow administrators governance and oversight over AWS products.

The AWS-supplied connector is available in the ServiceNow Store for the Helsinki (H), Istanbul (I), Jakarta (J), and Kingston (K) versions of ServiceNow.

Learn more about AWS Service Catalog here.