Posted On: Jun 6, 2018

Starting today, you can open and edit Microsoft Office files stored on Amazon WorkDocs directly from the WorkDocs web application using the new Open with Office Online feature. Open with Office Online lets users collaboratively edit Microsoft Office files from the WorkDocs web application using familiar Microsoft Office applications, including Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online. Users can now review feedback, collaboratively edit, and incorporate desired changes to their Microsoft Office files without switching applications. WorkDocs provides automatic document version control to help users track updates to their content.

To get started, site administrators need to enable the feature in the admin console for their WorkDocs site. Users can then simply click the Edit menu option when viewing a Microsoft Office file in the WorkDocs web application. This opens the file in the relevant Office Online application for editing, and anyone with permissions to edit the file can collaboratively work together to make changes. Edits are automatically saved in WorkDocs, and the changes are available to anyone with access to the content.

Open with Office Online is available at no additional cost for all Amazon WorkDocs users who have valid Microsoft Office 365 licenses, and it's available in all AWS regions where WorkDocs is available. To learn more about Amazon WorkDocs, or to start your 30-day trial, please visit Amazon WorkDocs.