Posted On: Oct 9, 2018

Starting today, Alexa for Business lets users check availability and reserve conference rooms using Alexa. Finding and booking a conference room for a last minute meeting is frequently a stressful, time-consuming task for many people. With Alexa for Business, users can check the current or future availability of the conference room they are in by asking, “Alexa, is this room free?”, or “Alexa, is this room free at 4?”. Or, they can reserve the room by saying “Alexa, book this room for half an hour”, or “Alexa, reserve this room at 2”. Conference rooms that are open might actually be reserved for a meeting, so users can identify who owns the current reservation by asking, “Alexa, who booked this room?”, and then find out if the meeting is actually happening or not.

IT administrators can enable this feature by linking their Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google G-Suite calendaring systems in the Alexa for Business console, and allowing read/write permissions. Existing customers must re-link their Office 365 and G Suite calendars, and update their Microsoft Exchange permissions.  

Alexa for Business lets you efficiently introduce Alexa to your organization. It provides you the tools to manage Alexa devices, users, and skills at scale. This feature is available in the Alexa for Business console in all AWS Regions where the service is available. For more information, see the Alexa for Business documentation.