Posted On: Apr 29, 2019

Starting today, developers of all skill levels can join the AWS DeepRacer League from anywhere in the world via the AWS DeepRacer console. Developers can put their skills to the test by competing in the Virtual Circuit World Tour, on virtual tracks inspired by famous raceways to be revealed each month. They will race for prizes and glory and a chance to win an expenses paid trip to the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup at re:Invent 2019.

AWS DeepRacer gives developers a hands-on and fun way to get started with machine learning (ML) and reinforcement learning (RL). RL is an advanced ML technique which takes a very different approach to training models than other machine learning methods. Its super power is that it learns very complex behaviors without requiring any labeled training data, and can make short term decisions while optimizing for a longer term goal.

With the AWS DeepRacer League, you now have a way to get hands-on with RL, experiment, and learn through autonomous driving. With the launch of the AWS DeepRacer console, customers can now access the cloud based 3D racing simulation environment which is a simple, yet powerful interface to train and tune reinforcement learning models. Developers can learn how to build and train their own models or experiment with one of the pre-trained models, which will help get them ready to race in the AWS DeepRacer League.

The London Loop track is now open and is the first of six monthly races on the Virtual Circuit calendar leading up to the AWS DeepRacer Championship Cup Finals at re:Invent 2019. Developers can race the London Loop from anywhere in the world until May 31st, when the first Virtual Circuit Champion will be crowned! Submit your trained model to the virtual league leaderboard in the AWS DeepRacer console and join the competition today. Developers, the race is on!

The AWS DeepRacer service is available in US East (N. Virginia.)

With AWS Free Tier we’ve got you covered for up to 10 hours of training. To learn more about AWS DeepRacer and get more details about pricing visit