Posted On: Apr 2, 2019

AWS Cloud9 now supports Amazon EC2 development environments that use Ubuntu Server 18.04. AWS Cloud9 also supports Amazon Linux development environments. 

Previously, to create an Ubuntu development environment, you had to connect to a virtual or on-premises Ubuntu Server host, which was time-consuming. Now, in the Cloud9 console, you can choose to use either Ubuntu or Amazon Linux, and Cloud9 will create the EC2 development environment for you.

AWS Cloud9 EC2 development environments provide benefits such as automatic instance lifecycle management for greater cost control, a preconfigured AWS Command Line Interface for quick access to various AWS resources, and popular software development packages such as Git, Docker, Node.js, and Python preinstalled. All AWS Cloud9 development environments include access to the AWS Cloud9 IDE, a graphical tool for writing, running, testing, and deploying code. For more information, see Creating an EC2 Environment in the AWS Cloud9 User Guide.

Learn more about AWS Cloud9 by visiting our product page or visit the AWS console. For a full list of AWS Regions where AWS Cloud9 is available, please visit our region table.