Posted On: May 8, 2019

The adoption of cloud technologies and AWS in particular is accelerating globally. More and more, customers across the globe are turning to the cloud and looking to take advantage of AWS to meet their business needs. Whatever your needs, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the right place to start your cloud adoption journey. The AWS Partner Network (APN) has the services and solutions to help customers of all sizes to Build – Market – Sell their solutions and services to grow their business.

Today, we are excited to announce an new APN Navigate Foundations path to provide you an introduction to the APN and sheds light on how you can build, market, differentiate, sell and grow your business by becoming an APN Partner. The APN Navigate Foundations path provides you a prescriptive path to define your partner journey and walks you through all the benefits, requirements, tools, and knowledge you will need to advance your journey with APN.  

If you are new to APN, build your foundational blocks by having two (2) individuals from your organization go through the Business Professional Accreditation and two (2) individuals go through the Technical Professional Accreditation. These trainings will help you gain knowledge of the AWS business solutions and services.

If you are a business that already has a specific expertise or are further along in your APN journey, you can deepen your knowledge and validate your expertise with an APN Navigate Specialization tracks that suit your business area. For more information visit the APN Navigate Website.