Posted On: May 24, 2019

The AWS Encryption SDK for C is now available to encrypt and decrypt your data in C and C++ applications. You can also use it as the foundation for bindings in other languages. The AWS Encryption SDK for C is highly performant and fully interoperable with the Java, Python, and CLI implementations.

The AWS Encryption SDK for C introduces keyrings, which help you to encrypt your data under multiple wrapping keys, including keys in different AWS Regions. Then, when it is time to decrypt, you can specify which of the keys that encrypted the data can be used to decrypt it. You can specify all keys, a subset of keys, or one particular key, as well as any region, a subset of regions, or one particular region. For a detailed example, please read the AWS Security blog post on How to decrypt ciphertexts in multiple regions with the AWS Encryption SDK in C.  

The Encryption SDK is a client-side library that makes it easier for you to implement best-practice encryption. The Encryption SDK for C is being developed in open source in GitHub. Install and build it, try a few of our many examples, send us your feedback, and contribute to its development.