Posted On: May 13, 2019

AWS released the latest FreeRTOS kernel that includes additional preconfigured example projects for Armv8-M microcontrollers. The preconfigured examples demonstrate the FreeRTOS Armv8-M port on Arm Cortex-M33, and now also on Arm Cortex-M23, hardware from Nuvoton, NXP, and STMicroelectronics.

The FreeRTOS kernel Armv8-M port uses features of the Armv8-M core, namely the Memory Protection Unit (MPU) and Arm TrustZone technology, to enable application writers to sandbox code that must remain trusted to ensure system integrity, or code that it is just desirable to keep private such as secure boot, encryption, and key management. The preconfigured examples are available for the following development boards from three popular microcontroller vendors.

You can get started quickly by downloading the FreeRTOS kernel port for Armv8-M from SourceForge, using the preconfigured examples above, and referring to the API documentation at