Posted On: Dec 11, 2020

Starting today, customers can view and select EC2 specific parameters (single and list) during provisioning from AWS accounts associated with the AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow, formerly known as the AWS Service Catalog Connector. Customers can also view consolidated cloud resources via AWS Config Aggregator within the ServiceNow CMDB, making it easier for ServiceNow administrators to see cloud resource transparency across AWS Accounts.

The Connector enables end users to view EC2-specific parameters in ServiceNow during provisioning of AWS Service Catalog products, such as Availability Zones, Instance Id, KeyPair, Security Group, VPC, Subnet, Volume and Hosted Zone-Route53 - eliminating the need to hard code this information into CloudFormation templates. ServiceNow administrators can also govern AWS resource tagging using tags from any ServiceNow table such as Cost Center, and Department during AWS Service Catalog product requests. Administrators can enforce their tagging taxonomy for downstream budget, cost allocation, and operational management of AWS resources.

With the AWS Config features in the Connector for ServiceNow, admins and end-users can view aggregated cloud resource data across AWS account(s) and region(s) in the ServiceNow CMDB. For example, if you have a Config aggregator that aggregates Config data across accounts and regions into an account, you can synchronize this aggregated data from that account into your ServiceNow CMDB. ServiceNow administrators can also configure synchronization of select ServiceNow tables as custom resources within AWS Config to enable dual synchronization across both ServiceNow and AWS Config. This enables you to write Config rules against those custom resources and monitor compliance on a continuous basis. ServiceNow users can also view configuration items/relationships for cloud resources derived from AWS Config including OS level details (OS level details require AWS Systems Manager agents on resources).

In addition to the new AWS Service Catalog and AWS Config features in this Connector release, ServiceNow users can also create and manage Security Findings as incidents or problems via AWS Security Hub and execute AWS Systems Manager automation documents via AWS Systems Manager Automation directly within ServiceNow. This enables IT lifecycle management within ServiceNow using AWS native services.

The AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow is available at no charge in the ServiceNow Store. This new feature is generally available in all AWS Regions where AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager and AWS Security Hub services are available. To learn more, please visit the documentation on the AWS Service Management Connector.