Accelerate creative generation and campaign optimization with generative AI

Creative generation and campaign optimization on AWS

AWS generative AI helps companies automate the entire advertising campaign and creative journey development. With AWS generative AI solutions and services, teams can brainstorm together new ideas that turn into first drafts and campaigns faster, with more engaging content that speaks directly to and is optimized for every audience, reaching new levels of productivity. Brands and agencies can quickly create and test different variations of creative to see which ones perform the best across nearly all components of a campaign resulting in high-quality, engaging, and contextually relevant imagery and copy.

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  • Generate and test large volumes of creative variations much more quickly and transform advertising campaign development from beginning to end using AWS generative AI and machine learning (ML) services and solutions.

  • Enhance customer experiences by delivering highly customized and targeted marketing and advertising messages that feel like one-on-one human relationships so brands can foster long lasting customer loyalty using Amazon Personalize and Amazon Bedrock.  

  • With AWS generative AI, you bring the models to the data as opposed to bringing the data to the model, so you can run AI where your data already live. Further, Amazon Bedrock security and privacy as well as Guardrails for Bedrock help you keep full control over the customer data you use to customize foundation models and implement safeguards and responsible AI policies to filter harmful content, mitigate bias, and redact PII to protect user privacy.

  • AWS offers the broadest choice of compute resources, instances, and accelerators to train purpose-built large-language models (LLMs) and foundational models (FMs) that help generate high-quality synthetic text, images, and media outputs used for advertising and marketing use-cases.

Vetted solutions and architectural guidance for creative generation and optimization, whether you prefer off-the-shelf deployments, or customizable architectures.

Leverage the broadest set of partner offerings to reimagine creative optimization and generation to increase loyalty and attract advertisers, and interoperate with your existing and future technologies.

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