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Privacy-enhanced data collaboration on AWS

Customers want to collaborate and interoperate more effectively with their business partners while improving upon data security and protecting consumer data. AWS offers purpose-built services and solutions to help brands, media publishers, and ad tech companies securely match, analyze, enrich, and collaborate on their datasets. AWS Clean Rooms and AWS Entity Resolution can help customers and their partners improve advertising and marketing campaigns while protecting customer data.


  • With AWS Entity Resolution, you can create a unified view of your customer records stored across multiple applications, channels, and data stores using configurable matching workflows that can seamlessly connect to your data service providers and existing applications, while minimizing data movement.


  • With AWS Clean Rooms, you can securely collaborate with your business partners without moving, sharing, or revealing underlying data with each other. You can create your own clean rooms in minutes, and use a broad set of privacy-enhancing controls that define restrictions for each participant and help protect consumer data.

  • AWS brings together ready-made, easy-to-deploy identity solutions from leaders such as UID2, LiveRamp, Experian, and TransUnion that help you interoperate more effectively across advertising and marketing platforms while minimizing movement of data outside of your AWS environment.

  • With hundreds of thousands of data lakes running today on Amazon S3, AWS enables you to more easily collaborate with leading brands, agencies, media publishers, and partners without needing to maintain a copy of your data outside of your environment or load it into another platform.  

Use cases

Vetted solutions and architectural guidance for privacy-enhanced data collaboration, whether you prefer off-the-shelf deployments, or customizable architectures.

Leverage the broadest set of partner offerings to reimagine privacy-enhanced data collaboration to generate insights, and interoperate with your existing and future technologies.

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