Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration

Collaborate with leading brands, media publishers, and partners using purpose-built services and solutions that help protect consumer data.

Customers want to collaborate and interoperate more effectively with their business partners while improving upon data security and protecting consumer data.

AWS offers purpose-built services that help brands, media publishers, and their partners to interoperate and collaborate while protecting consumer data. With AWS Clean Rooms, companies can create a secure data clean room in minutes and more easily collaborate with leading brands, media publishers, and partners on the AWS Cloud. 


Create clean rooms
to collaborate in a
few clicks

With AWS Clean Rooms, you can securely collaborate with your business partners without moving, sharing, or revealing underlying data with each other. You can create your own clean rooms in minutes, and use a broad set of privacy-enhancing controls that define restrictions for each participant and help protect consumer data.

Improve interoperability
while minimizing
data movement

AWS brings together ready-made, easy-to-deploy identity solutions from leaders such as UID2, LiveRamp, Experian, and Neustar that help you interoperate more effectively across advertising and marketing platforms while minimizing movement of data outside of your AWS environment.

Collaborate with hundreds of thousands of companies on AWS

With hundreds of thousands of data lakes running today on Amazon S3, AWS enables you to more easily collaborate with leading brands, agencies, media publishers, and partners without needing to maintain a copy of your data outside of your environment or load it into another platform.

Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration use cases and solutions

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Data Enrichment

Accelerate and simplify the process of bringing together data from providers of consumer intelligence, household data, and other insights.

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Identity & Transcoding for Advertising

Enables identity service providers to deploy their identity services — and for their customers to integrate identity services — into existing advertising and marketing workloads in a streamlined manner through AWS Marketplace.

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AWS Clean Rooms

AWS Clean Rooms helps companies collaborate to improve advertising and marketing campaigns without sharing or revealing their underlying data.

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Unified ID 2.0 Operator on AWS

Protect highly sensitive consumer data in advertising workflows with Unified ID 2.0 Operator services in the cloud.

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LiveRamp Embedded Transcoder

Deploy LiveRamp’s privacy-first identity services into Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and power identity translation while abiding by world-class privacy and security standards.

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Epsilon Consumer Data Insights Platinum

Epsilon’s Consumer Data Insights-Premium file, plus highly predictive purchase data elements sourced from actual transaction data exclusively available through Epsilon.

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Get started with select AWS services

Analyze all of your data with the fastest and most widely used cloud data warehouse. Data sharing enables instant, granular, and high-performance data access across Amazon Redshift clusters without the need to copy or move it.
AWS Lake Formation is a service that makes it easy to set up a secure data lake in days.
AWS Data Exchange makes it easy to find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud.

Leading customers with Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration workloads on AWS

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Merkle Builds Customer 360s and Data Clean Rooms on AWS, Enables Personalized, Privacy-Safe Marketing

Using AWS, Merkle developed Merkury, an identity resolution solution that enables marketers to unify customer data and run analytics for audience segmentation, activation, and measurement in a data clean room—a privacy-safe data collaboration workspace. In 2020, Merkle became an AWS Select Consulting Partner, signed an AWS strategic collaborative agreement, and accelerated the development of its solution for mutual customers.

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Amazon Ads

Introducing Amazon Marketing Cloud

Amazon Ads built Amazon Marketing Cloud, a secure, privacy safe, and cloud-based clean room workspace that enables advertisers to easily perform analytics across pseudonumized data to generate aggregated reports.

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Publicis Media video thumbnail

Publicis Media Automates Audience Segmentation Using Machine Learning

Publicis Media built a machine learning pipeline that trains models with petabytes of audience datasets called the Decision Sciences Framework using Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift.

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MiQ Builds Cookieless Identity Graph Solution on AWS, Unifying 3–6 TB of Data Daily

MiQ Builds Cookieless Identity Graph Solution on AWS, Unifying 3–6 TB of Data Daily

Using AWS, MiQ decreased its pipeline processing time and reduced associated costs to provide connected insights across multiple channels at the speed of change and is well positioned to adapt to evolving market regulations.

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AWS Partners for Privacy-Enhanced Data Collaboration

AWS offers purpose-built, ready-to-deploy partner offerings that help brands, media publishers, and advertising and marketing technology companies more quickly adopt leading industry solutions for data clean rooms, identity & transcoding, data enrichment, measurement, and attribution. 


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AWS re:invent 2021 - AWS On Air Voice of the Customer ft. LiveRamp

AWS On Air host Darko Mesaros, Sr. Developer Advocate Lisa Cramer, Head of Embedded Products, LiveRamp, discuss building and launching a LiveRamp Transcode solution in AWS Marketplace, which enables marketers, publishers, agencies, and advertising technology companies to natively use LiveRamp transcode for identity matching without moving data out of their Amazon S3 buckets.

Deploying a privacy-safe data clean room on AWS with Snowflake

Deploying a privacy-safe data clean room on AWS with Snowflake

Learn how marketers, media companies, agencies, and technology companies can perform shared analysis for audience enrichment, segmentation, marketing measurement, and attribution with restrictions that ensure data security and governance for underlying raw data using AWS and Snowflake.

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Power identity translation with LiveRamp in your VPC

Power identity translation with LiveRamp in your VPC

Learn how LiveRamp’s Embedded Transcoder makes it safe and easy for companies to use data and translate partner encodings to achieve interoperability across advertising and marketing partners.

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