Protect highly sensitive consumer data in advertising workflows with Unified ID 2.0 Operator services in the cloud

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Provide relevant, personalized advertising without the use of third-party cookies

Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) is a non-proprietary, open standard accessible to constituents across the advertising ecosystem. It enables advertisers, agencies, ad technology companies, and ad publishers selling advertising to interoperate together in advertising workflows without third-party cookies. It also provides mechanisms for consumer consent with transparency baked in. 

Unified ID 2.0 on AWS is a new Partner Solution that enables advertising industry customers to easily deploy UID2 Operator services with improved data security and transparency in their advertising workflows with only a few clicks via AWS Marketplace. The solution uses AWS Nitro Enclaves to create trusted compute environments for UID2 Operator services that protect and securely process highly sensitive data, and enable advertisers to anonymously match ad opportunities with their own first-party user data, thus helping protect consumer privacy and deliver relevant advertising to users.


Interoperability with
minimal data movement 

Anonymously match ad opportunities with first-party user data and improve relevancy of advertising without movement of sensitive data out of your AWS account.

sensitive data

Create highly constrained compute environments for the UID2 Operator service using AWS Nitro Enclaves to isolate sensitive data and help protect consumer privacy.


With only a few clicks, easily deploy UID2 Private Operator services in your AWS account with a ready-made solution available on AWS Marketplace.

Reference architecture

UID2 Private Operator Service on AWS Architecture Diagram

AWS services included in this solution

Balanced compute, memory, and networking resources for general purpose workloads
Secure and resizable compute capacity for virtually any workload
Add or remove compute capacity to meet changes in demand

“With our strategy of providing identity solutions that are multi-layered, Unified ID 2.0 is an important open-source identity solution for the open web, that enables Acxiom and Kinesso to directly connect brands’ audiences with the publisher ecosystem without client data leaving our privacy-safe environments. We’re excited by the ‘Unified ID 2.0 on AWS’ solution to further enhance data security and privacy through the use of AWS Nitro Enclaves, and to reduce heavy lifting from our development teams to launch Unified ID 2.0 in our AWS Cloud environment. Further, because Unified ID 2.0 directly connects first-party audiences to publishers, this solution will help with improved efficiency, match rates and ultimately, better customer experiences.”

Ian Johnson, Global Chief Operating Officer across Acxiom, Kinesso, and Matterkind



AWS Nitro Enclaves

AWS Nitro Enclaves is an EC2 capability that enables customers to create isolated compute environments (enclaves) to further protect and securely process highly sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) and intellectual property data within their Amazon EC2 instances.

AWS Nitro Enclaves Overview (4:08)
GitHub code repository

UID2 documentation

Learn about UID2 and how it’s used by advertisers, data providers, and other key players.

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Scale the UID2 Private Operator service as needed

Create a launch template for an Auto Scaling group.

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GitHub code repository

UID2 Integration Guides

Entities running UID2 Private Operator services can integrate their applications to send requests to their UID2 Operator enclave application to transform user’s PIIinto UID2 and UID2 tokens.

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Cryptographic attestation

Applications running inside a Nitro Enclave can leverage Nitro Enclave’s cryptographic attestation capabilities to prove its identity and build trust with an external service.

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Enclave image file

The AMI includes a prebuilt Nitro Enclave Image File (EIF) containing the UID2 Operator environment and is configured to allocate a portion of its’ CPU core and memory to launch.

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Protect highly sensitive consumer data in advertising workflows with Unified ID 2.0 operator services in the cloud.