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Digital experience is often the customer’s first exposure to a brand, either by an app, website, or multimedia content. First impressions matter, which is why the digital customer experience is critical to growing your business. The digital experience solutions here offer a set of core technologies that support the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized digital experiences. This includes content management and design, digital asset management, search, navigation, collaboration, analytics, and digital experience building and management.

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Module #1

Available on demand

Speaker: Kevin Cochrane, SVP, Product Marketing, Acquia

Acquia in Focus

Hear from SVP of Product Marketing, Kevin Cochrane, on how Acquia solves a range of challenges for marketing decision makers by providing a scalable digital experience solution built on Drupal

Martin Salle, Enterprise Sales Leader

Module #3

Available on demand

Speaker: Martin Salle, Enterprise Sales Leader, Algolia

Algolia in Focus

Today, many digital customer experiences begin with an excellent search and discovery experience. Hear from Seanior Sales Leader, Martin Salle, how Algolia' API-first platform enables marketers and web developers to deliver excellent search experiences for travel, retail, healthcare, financial services media & entertainment and public sector customers.

Jason Breed, Global Lead, Channels & Alliances

Module #5

Available on demand

Speaker: Jason Breed, Global Lead, Channels & Alliances, Crownpeak

Crownpeak in Focus

Building omnichannel experiences for highly regulated industries begins with a highly reliable and secure platform. Hear from Global Lead of Alliances, Jason Breed, on how the Crownpeak platform creates consistency across global touchpoints, compiles data to inform experiences, execute personalized campaigns at scale and enables companies to reduce the reliance on IT. 

Lisa Box, SVP & GM

Module #7

Available on demand

Speaker: Lisa Box, SVP & GM, WP Engine

WP Engine in Focus

Building best-in-class Wordpress websites requires collaboration between both IT and Marketing. Hear from Lisa Box, SVP & GM, how WP-Engine powers over 1.5 million digital experiences across the world; leading to increased customer retention and leads while decreasing time to market and total cost of ownership (TCO).

John Baudino

Module #9

Available on demand

Speaker: Nick Ippel, Lead Partnerships North America, MoEngage

MoEngage in Focus

Are you delighting users with relevant content that makes them engage deeper and stay longer? Hear from Nick Ippel, Lead Partnerships North America, on how MoEngage help you generate full customer views so you can deliver one-to-one messaging or massive personalization—at scale and in a single dashboard.

Ben Tepfer, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Adobe

Module #2

Available on demand

Speaker: Ben Tepfer, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Adobe

Adobe in Focus

Adobe supports a range of customer challenges across every industry. Hear from Senior Technical Evangelist, Ben Tepfer, on how Adobe Experience Cloud can support use-cases from content management, omnichannel engagement, digital commerce and customer 360. 

Miling Pansare, VP Product Marketing

Module #4

Available on demand

Speaker: Miling Pansare, VP Product Marketing, Cloudinary

Cloudinary in Focus

Great visual experiences are worth a thousand words. Hear from VP of Milind Pansare, VP of Product Marketing, on how Cloudinary empowers digital marketers and developers to source, manage, transform, optimize and deliver media assets across any device.

Scot Gillespie, CTO & GM

Module #

Available on demand

Speaker: Scot Gillespie, CTO & GM, ARC XP

ARC XP in Focus

Born from the Washington Post, ARC XP was built for and by content creators. Hear from Scot Gillespie, Chief Technology Officer, on how ARC XP can accelerate content time to market and digital innovation across a range of industries. 

John Baudino

Module #8

Available on demand

Speaker: John Baudino Vice President of Partners and Alliances, Treasure Data 

Treasure Data in Focus

How can you reach, understand, engage, convert, and retain customers when you can’t connect your data with teams and tools that make it actionable? Tune in to John Baudino, Vice President of Partners and Alliances, to learn how the Treasure Data Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps businesses uncover, connect, and enable their data faster than ever.

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