Case Studies

“Salesforce DMP has acquired and scaled a global customer base without any concern about the limitations on the amount of data it can process. AWS has provided the tools to make this happen.”

Roopak Gupta, Vice President, Software Engineering, Salesforce DMP

“Our teams move much faster and we cut costs quite dramatically which makes our business much more competitive.”

Bill Simmons, CTO, DataXu

"Quantcast reduced costs by 60% for its QCLearn machine learning system, and 25% less on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for its real-time bidding solution. “Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are helping us control costs and scale our systems to meet demand.”

Leah Blank, Senior Systems Engineer, Quantcast

“Because we’re running on AWS, we’re able to focus 95 percent of our staff on new product development. AWS saves us time and money.”

Valentino Volonghi, CTO, AdRoll

“The stability, scalability, leading technology and rich product line of AWS cloud services and professional technical support services are the main reasons why we choose AWS."

Huang Weijian, Co-founder , Mobvista

“Switching to Amazon ECS has greatly simplified running a service without needing to worry about provisioning or availability.”

Calvin French-Owen, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer


“We built a solution on AWS to manage, enhance, and analyze event log data from our ad technology partners. This scalable, on-demand architecture has proven to be a high-performance solution for our analytics users and is very cost-effective.”

Senior Systems Architect and Developer, Annalect

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"AWS’s deep learning capabilities help to power our Agile Creative Suite, which finally provides marketers the insights they need to understand and improve their creative assets. AWS will be our machine learning platform of choice"

Alex Collmer, CEO, VidMob

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Whitepapers, Reference Architectures, and Presentations

Building a Real Time Bidding Platform on AWS - This whitepaper helps you understandreal-time bidding (RTB) and the services available in AWS that can beused for RTB. This paper will showcase the RTB platform reference architecture used by customers today, as well as provide additional resources to get started with building an RTB platform on AWS.

Reference Architectures - Delivering highly targeted, relevant advertising requires a scalable infrastructure, access to big data analytics, a flexible platform to run your specific applications, and a fast content distribution network to make sure users are never waiting for your content. AWS can provide you the tools to make your digital marketing and digital advertisement delivery speedy, scalable, and successful.

Using Amazon Neptune to power identity resolution at scale. Learn more »


Smaato on AWS (2:12)
1 Million bids in 100ms – using AWS to power your Real Time Bidder (49:37)
Customer Learning & the Road Ahead (1:00:59)
AdRoll Uses AWS to Serve 50 Billion Daily Ad Impressions (3:16)

Press Releases

“Amazon enables IgnitionOne to provide enterprise marketers advanced identity resolution, giving them a single view of their customer. Amazon Neptune’s fast and reliable graph database delivers the performance and efficiency we need to connect marketers to their customers.”

Stephen Marshall, Chief Information Officer, IgnitionOne

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"Amazon Personalize brings Amazon’s world-class machine learning technology to every company. By combining it with Segment’s Customer Data Infrastructure, our customers can deliver these highly individualized recommendations at scale and in real time."

Tom Pinckney, Head of Partnerships, Segment

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"Cloud processing allows for greater flexibility and velocity, as we build new and enhance existing products. It will also give us the opportunity to spend more time innovating and less time on managing infrastructure"

Scott N. Brown, Head of Product, TV and Audio, Nielsen

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