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Gaining insights while protecting data with Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration using AWS Clean Rooms

The advertising and marketing landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift in how customer data is handled and used to gain insights. Third-party mobile ad identifiers (MAIDs) and third-party cookies, key signals marketers have relied upon to better understand their customers and campaign effectiveness, are rapidly being phased out. Meanwhile, new privacy regulations are prompting companies to adopt more transparent and secure data practices. As a result, marketers and agencies are investing in first-party data and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), and need capabilities to create detailed audience segments that include attributes such as demographic signals and customer preferences. These first-party audiences can then be activated and measured across publisher partners. As first-party data becomes a priority, protecting customer data and earning customer trust is paramount.

To address these challenges, we are excited to share that AWS Clean Rooms has been adopted in Adobe’s new offering—Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration—to empower marketing teams to enhance their programs with trusted data in a privacy-centric manner. For AWS customers, including brands, agencies, and publishers, this means they can now more securely collaborate with their partners, without having to share, reveal, or copy their underlying first-party data. The announcement of Adobe’s Real-Time CDP Collaboration marks progress in enabling marketers to reach their campaign goals, while helping them protect their customers’ data.

“Adobe’s Real-Time CDP Collaboration product allows customers to discover new audiences, activate campaigns, and measure return on ad spend—all within a secure and privacy-compliant environment,” said Ali Nazer, Senior Director of Product Management at Adobe. “With the integration of AWS Clean Rooms in our CDP tech stack, AWS customers can safely collaborate with Adobe’s Real-Time CDP and additional companies they work with to achieve their marketing goals without having to share or copy their underlying data.”

At AWS, we are encouraged by Adobe’s proactive approach in addressing customer needs and creating their Real-Time CDP Collaboration product. For example, a marketer using Adobe’s Real-Time CDP Collaboration product can easily set up a clean room collaboration with their publisher partners to gain new insights, create audiences, and measure results, all without having to share their first-party data with their publisher partners. You can read about Adobe’s announcement here. This innovation will make data collaboration easier and enable media planning, activation, and measurement use cases at scale in a privacy-centric way for our mutual customers. We look forward to sharing joint customer successes and new technology implementations coming soon.

AWS Clean Rooms helps companies and their partners more easily and securely analyze and collaborate on their collective datasets—all without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data. We help companies collaborate with their advertising and marketing partners to improve campaign planning, activation, and measurement, and offer better, more relevant consumer experiences. If you are interested in adopting AWS Clean Rooms technology contact our team of experts here, or get started using the service today.

Eric Saccullo

Eric Saccullo

Senior Business Development Manager for AWS Clean Rooms at Amazon Web Services. He is focused on helping customers collaborate with their partners in privacy-enhanced ways to gain insights and improve business outcomes.