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How differential privacy helps unlock insights without revealing data at the individual-level

In today’s data-driven world, organizations are constantly seeking ways to extract valuable insights from their data assets, especially when collaborating with their partners. Companies across industries such as advertising, healthcare, media, entertainment, finance, insurance, and others rely on insights generated from first- and third-party datasets to develop new products and services, improve business decision-making, assess […]

Gaining insights while protecting data with Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration using AWS Clean Rooms

Gaining insights while protecting data with Adobe Real-Time CDP Collaboration using AWS Clean Rooms

The advertising and marketing landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift in how customer data is handled and used to gain insights. Third-party mobile ad identifiers (MAIDs) and third-party cookies, key signals marketers have relied upon to better understand their customers and campaign effectiveness, are rapidly being phased out. Meanwhile, new privacy regulations are prompting companies […]

IDC MarketScape names AWS as a Leader in worldwide data clean room technology

IDC MarketScape names AWS as a Leader in worldwide data clean room technology

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been named a Leader in data clean room technology according to the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Clean Room Technology 2024 Vendor Assessment (January 2024). This report evaluated data clean room technology vendors for use cases across industries. AWS Clean Rooms helps companies and their partners more easily and securely analyze […]

4 Takeaways on Data Collaboration for Advertising and Marketing

4 Takeaways on Data Collaboration for Advertising and Marketing

Companies across multiple industries increasingly look to build a complete view of their customers or business by complementing their data with external business partners’ data. For advertising and marketing use cases, brands, media publishers, agencies and their partners want to collaborate using datasets that are stored across many different channels and applications to improve the […]

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AWS Clean Rooms: Privacy-enhanced collaboration use cases

Companies across industries are increasingly seeking ways to complement their first-party data to build a holistic view of their customers or business. This often means developing a view across channels and engagements, as well as complementing their first-party data with their business partners’ data. This need for data collaboration spans company size, geography, and industry. […]

AWS Clean Rooms team at Amazon Port at Cannes Lions

Five key takeaways on data clean room collaboration from Cannes Lions

Earlier this summer, Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted a series of events and meetings with hundreds of customers and partners at Cannes Lions. Data clean rooms was a popular topic amongst these conversations, as advertisers and marketers are increasingly looking to future-proof their approach to more securely collaborating with their partners on their collective datasets. […]

AWS Clean Rooms is now available for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry

As healthcare and life sciences customers work to advance clinical research, and realize personalized healthcare and precision medicine for patients, they face varying compliance, regulatory, and security requirements as well as disparate data that is siloed across multiple applications and organizations. These customers increasingly need to unlock access to quality data and leverage privacy-enhanced multi-party […]

Introducing four new solutions that help customers integrate AWS Clean Rooms into their advertising workflows

At AWS re:Invent 2022, we announced the preview of AWS Clean Rooms, a new analytics service that helps customers collaborate with their partners to more easily and securely analyze their collective datasets—without sharing or revealing underlying raw data. The service is particularly relevant for brands, media publishers, agencies, and their partners who are looking to […]

Introducing AWS for Advertising & Marketing: Helping customers reinvent the industry with purpose-built services, solutions, and partners

Advertising and marketing technology is experiencing unprecedented disruption and transformation. For example, exponential growth in media consumption creates infrastructure challenges for companies to handle tens of millions of requests per second at single-digit millisecond latency. Companies across the industry need mechanisms to collaborate and interoperate across advertising and marketing platforms, but also want to protect […]