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Introducing four new solutions that help customers integrate AWS Clean Rooms into their advertising workflows

At AWS re:Invent 2022, we announced the preview of AWS Clean Rooms, a new analytics service that helps customers collaborate with their partners to more easily and securely analyze their collective datasets—without sharing or revealing underlying raw data. The service is particularly relevant for brands, media publishers, agencies, and their partners who are looking to collaborate together for advertising and marketing use cases, such as improving campaign planning, activation, and measurement, or offering better, more relevant consumer experiences.

Before getting started with AWS Clean Rooms, customers may need to prepare their data to be used in collaborations; for example, bringing together first-party data from various marketing channels into a staging area. When starting a clean room collaboration, customers need to determine which match keys to use with other collaborators to join their collective data. Customers also asked to use their preferred identity resolution providers to make this easier. After using a clean room, many customers want to upload the outputs of their collaborations, such as a list of audience segments, in advertising platforms.

Today we are excited to announce four new AWS Clean Rooms solutions to help customers prepare, match, and upload output data. Customers can deploy all four solutions with a few steps from the AWS Solutions Library, and launch pre-configured AWS services and partner applications for each use case. Together, these solutions make it easier for customers to quickly get started with clean rooms to generate insights and improve performance in their applications:

Let’s explore each solution in depth.

Data Connectors for AWS Clean Rooms

First-party customer data is crucial to companies’ advertising and marketing efforts. Yet many brands face challenges in their attempts to bring together and process first-party data. For example, brands have an average of 28 sources containing customer data and those data sources are unlikely to be normalized and prepared to be used in a clean room collaboration.

Data Connectors for AWS Clean Rooms makes it easier to connect data from customer data platforms (CDPs), customer relationship management platforms (CRMs), and other sources in a staging area and prepare it to be used in AWS Clean Rooms. With a few clicks from the AWS Solutions Library, customers can deploy a pre-configured user interface and set of AWS services that help to seamlessly ingest, normalize, and catalog data from common advertising and marketing data sources, such as analytics applications. The solution outputs data into an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket and AWS Glue Data Catalog metadata table, which customers can then select as a data source for collaborations in AWS Clean Rooms.

Identity Resolution Partner Solutions for AWS Clean Rooms

After creating a clean room, customers then need to join data together with their business partners using a common ID (for example, a join key). Customers pre-determine the join keys they want to use in AWS Clean Rooms with their collaboration partners (such as selecting the same single common ID type to join). However, many customers want to leverage third-party identity resolution providers to join data in their clean rooms.

To make this easier, AWS is also announcing new offerings from leading identity providers that help customers join data within AWS Clean Rooms using their preferred partners. From AWS Marketplace, customers can deploy Partner Solutions from LiveRamp and Neustar in a few steps to improve match rates and expand the pool of overlapping data within their collaborations and drive better insights on their combined data. Customers can also deploy identity resolution capabilities from Experian within AWS Clean Rooms by following guidance available in the AWS Solutions Library.

Audience Uploader from AWS Clean Rooms

Another use case for AWS Clean Rooms is when customers want to output lists from a collaboration, and then upload it into advertising platforms for use cases such as audience segmentation, matching, and targeting. For example, once a brand has enriched its own customer list together with a data provider using a clean room, they may want to upload it as an audience segment into an ad platform to serve more relevant messaging to end-users.

To make it easier to upload outputs from AWS Clean Rooms collaborations into advertising platforms, we are announcing Audience Uploader from AWS Clean Rooms, which allows brands to upload customer signals into third-party advertising platforms without having to build custom workflows. This solution deploys an application with services including AWS Glue and AWS Lambda that automatically prepares, transforms, and uploads audience signal outputs from AWS Clean Rooms into leading advertising platforms using their respective APIs.

Customers who advertise with Amazon Ads and use AWS Clean Rooms can also leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud Uploader from AWS—a new AWS Solution that allows AWS and Amazon Ads customers to accelerate the process of uploading signals into their Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) instance in order to measure the impact and obtain a better understanding of their Amazon Ads campaigns.


AWS Clean Rooms solutions enable brands, media publishers, agencies and their partners to work together to improve the consumer experience without sharing or revealing their underlying data. Customers can get started with AWS Clean Rooms and deploy solutions in just a few clicks from the AWS Solutions Library or Partner Solutions on AWS Marketplace.


Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon

Adam Solomon is Global Head of Business Development for AWS Clean Rooms & AWS Entity Resolution at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Adam drives development and adoption of cloud-based solutions to help marketers, agencies, media platforms, and advertising/marketing technology companies address industry-wide challenges for consumer privacy, identity, and secure multi-party analytics. Adam has 25 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry, and is co-inventor on 8 issued U.S. patents for advertising and marketing technologies. His diverse experience includes leadership roles for product management and go-to-market teams at Paramount, Time Inc., Hearst, PebblePost, and Lotame. He is also a trained aerospace engineer and patent attorney.

Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Matt Miller is the Principal of Business Development for AWS Clean Rooms at Amazon Web Services.

Chip Reno

Chip Reno

Chip Reno is the Worldwide Technical Product Manager for the Advertising and Marketing Industry at AWS. For over 10 years he has led the strategy and development of enterprise media optimization platforms. He was the founder and CEO of two successful technology startups, before consulting at EY and building T-Mobile's internal Ad Tech infrastructure. At AWS, Chip is focused on building solutions to make clean rooms, customer data platforms, identity graphs, and other privacy enhancing technologies easier to use and help customers optimize media in an ever-changing privacy landscape.

Tom Gilman

Tom Gilman

Tom Gilman is a Software Development Manager on the Solutions Engineering team for the Advertising & Marketing Industry at Amazon Web Services.

Allison Milone

Allison Milone

Allison Milone is a Product Marketer for the Advertising & Marketing Industry at Amazon Web Services.