Amazon Marketing Cloud Uploader from AWS

Easily upload first-party signals into Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) for evaluating and planning advertising campaigns


This AWS Solution helps Amazon Ads customers seamlessly upload customer signals into their Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) instance without dedicating IT resources to build and support the upload workflows. Amazon Ads customers have the option to upload data from their Amazon S3 or their AWS Clean Rooms collaborations. This allows Amazon Ads customers to continue optimizing their Amazon Ads campaigns within AMC while maintaining complete control of their data, as signals are encrypted, transferred, and normalized before uploading to the AMC API.


Streamline an AMC upload

This solution makes it easier for customers to seamlessly upload their signals into their AMC instance. An API and new user interface help customers to automate the data transformation process and define the required format prior to ingestion into AMC.

Reduce deployment time

Within hours instead of weeks, advertisers and agencies can efficiently upload their signals from AWS to AMC – without having to dedicate IT resources to build and support the upload workflows.

Maintain full control of your data

The solution is launched in a customer’s AWS account, making sure that they maintain full control of the data that they want to share with AMC.

Technical details

You can automatically deploy this architecture using the implementation guide and the accompanying AWS CloudFormation template.

Use cases for this AWS Solution
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Deployment options
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Connecting Audiences to Amazon Marketing Cloud Uploader

This Guidance demonstrates how to import first party data from third party sources to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and then upload and query your data directly to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC).

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