Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS

What does this AWS Solution do?

This Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution is for advertisers and agencies running campaigns on Amazon Ads. It helps them deploy AWS services to store, query, analyze, and visualize data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) application programming interface (API). This solution uses the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK), the DataOps Development Kit (DDK), and the Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights GitHub code repository.

Analysts and developers with an active AMC instance can monitor ongoing campaign performance across metrics such as reach and frequency as well as dimensions such as geographic area, audience segment, and device. For example, an advertiser can use this solution to combine AMC API results from multiple brand campaigns on AWS, surface consumer segments that have a propensity to purchase products, and prioritize high-performing segments for increased ad spending while reducing wasteful ad spending.

AMC Insights on AWS is available to Amazon Ads customers with an AMC API key and an AWS account.


Reduce deployment time

Within hours instead of weeks, advertisers and agencies can deploy a ready-made solution that automatically provisions and deploys AWS services to store, query, analyze, and visualize reporting from the AMC API.


Run queries and create reports with a few clicks

With a few clicks, analysts, campaign managers, and developers with active AMC instances can run queries and monitor ongoing campaign performance across dimensions including reach, frequency, geographic area, audience segment, or creative.

AWS Solution overview

The diagram below presents the architecture you can automatically deploy using the solution's deployment guide.

Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS

This solution sets up the following:

  • Three Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets to store AMC query results, prestage data, and poststage data.
  • AWS Step Functions for loading and orchestrating data.
  • An AWS Lambda function for loading raw data to prestage, partitioning prestage data, and managing S3 file metadata.
  • AWS Glue for converting Parquet files and partitioning poststage data.
  • An AWS Lake Formation data lake for governance and security.
  • Amazon Athena to query the data lake and access the poststage data.
  • (Optional) Amazon QuickSight for business-intelligence analytics, interactive dashboards, and visualizations that business stakeholders can use.
  • (Optional) Amazon SageMaker with sample Jupyter notebooks that analysts can use to provision tenants and manage workflows.

You are responsible for the cost of the AWS services and any third-party licenses or fees used while running this AWS Solution reference deployment. No licenses are required to deploy this solution. There is no cost to use the solution. For cost estimates, refer to the pricing pages for each AWS service you use. Prices are subject to change.

Tip: After you deploy the solution, create AWS Cost and Usage Reports to track AWS costs associated with the solution. These reports deliver billing metrics to an S3 bucket in your account. They provide cost estimates based on usage throughout each month and aggregate the data at the end of the month. For more information about the report, refer to What are AWS Cost and Usage Reports?

Amazon Marketing Cloud Insights on AWS

Version 1.1.2
Released: 01/2023
Author: AWS

Estimated deployment time: 90 min

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